Bulletin Board v226

Another Maltese reports beating for reporting abuse in Australian institutions — A Royal Commission in Australia has heard more shocking evidence by Maltese men about the abuse they suffered from Christian brothers when they were orphan boys. The commission, meeting in Perth, is investigating institutional responses to child sexual abuse. The West Australian newspaper said hundreds of boys at the Bindoon, Tardun and Castledare institutions were beaten by day and raped by night.

Doubling up in prisons ‘creating culture of sex abuse’, warns former Mountjoy governor — THE ‘doubling up’ of inmates in single prison cells is perpetuating a culture of sexual abuse where prisoners are raping their cellmates, former governor of Mountjoy Prison John Lonergan told the Sunday Independent. Mr Lonergan spoke out just days after Justice Minister Alan Shatter apologised to the family of Gary Douch, a vulnerable prisoner who was beaten to death while packed into a holding cell with a mentally disturbed prisoner with a history of violence.

Lee Suckling: Lifting the lid on sexual abuse in the gay community — Just before Christmas 2010, I nabbed a media invite to the launch party of ParliOUT, the UK’s first support group for LGBT people working in Parliament. Bottles popped and Westminster’s gay elite celebrated the workplace equality network that allowed the 22 gay MPs and dozens of other staffers to make themselves more visible within parliamentary walls.

Male rape survivors getting raw deal — The needs of male survivors of conflict-related sexual violence living as refugees in Uganda, of whom there are several hundred, are poorly met, with recent legislation against homosexuality making matters worse, according to a new report. According to one humanitarian official working in the field who preferred anonymity, “many survivors have medical needs due to the assault and have undergone a series of surgeries.

Many US male soldiers unwilling to report sex assaults — There were 5,061 reports of sexual abuse in the 2013 fiscal year which ended September 30, compared to 3,374 in 2012. The latest data obtained by The Associated Press show that about 14 percent of the reports filed last year involved male victims. Encouraging male victims to come forward and seek help is a difficult challenge for Defense officials as men believe reporting such cases will make them look weak.

Training to feature documentary on the sexual abuse of boys — A documentary on the impact sexual abuse of boys has on individuals, families and society will be screened on Monday, May 12. The Bennington County Child Advocacy Center and Protect Against Violent Encounters will be bringing in the producer of “Boys and Men Healing” to discuss the influence of a sexual abuser for the film’s screening at 11:45 a.m. at the Vermont Veterans’ Home, 325 North St., in the Luke Crispe Room.

Whipped worthless – UNICEF study shows that poor, rural and inner-city boys subjected to violent physical, verbal abuse — At least 85 per cent of children in rural and inner-city communities across Jamaica have reportedly been subjected to physical abuse by adults in the name of discipline. The majority of these children are boys, who are often battered by parents and other adults. Even babies between two and four years old are not spared.

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  2. Do you know how the rate of male and female soldiers reporting rape to the army compares to what they reveal in surveys? I would guess a much lower percentage of male rape victims press charges.

  3. Kemp, a study conducted by the military revealed:

    When the Defense Department released the results of its anonymous sexual abuse survey this month and concluded that 26,000 service members were victims in fiscal 2012, which ended Sept. 30, an automatic assumption was that most were women. But roughly 14,000 of the victims were male and 12,000 female, according to a scientific survey sample produced by the Pentagon. […] The survey determined that 26,000 service members were victims of sexual assault last year, based on the 6.1 percent of female and 1.2 percent of male respondents who claimed to have suffered such abuse. With an active-duty force of 200,000 women and 1.2 million men, that amounts to roughly 12,000 female victims and 14,000 male victims.

    It is unlikely that only 1.2% of men in the military are rape victims. The rate is likely higher, meaning that there are more men raped in the military than women. They have a much harder time coming forward because of the situation they are in.

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