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10 years after Abu Ghraib, no justice for torturers, tortured — “You can’t spell abuse without Abu,” said one US Army medic to another, Sgt. Andrew Duffy, after throwing a seriously injured and handcuffed Iraqi prison to the ground, face-first, upon his arrival at Abu Ghraib. The majority of abuse at the notorious US torture prison, formerly Saddam Hussein’s notorious torture prison, wasn’t fatal. But it was even more heinous and brutal than most Americans realize, even those who have seen the photos that are now international symbols of US brutality in the War on Terror and recruiting tools for countless terrorists.

Exclusive: ‘X-Men’ Sex Abuse Lawyer Says He Was Assaulted, Too — When Jeff Herman sees a child held by their arms and legs it is, as he puts it, “an uncomfortable trigger. I have some vague memories of being very young, and there were two older girls holding me by my arms and legs, and they had cut my pants open.” The lawyer has tried to remember more, but cannot. Herman, 54, is mulling my question about whether he has been sexually abused.

Inside the mind of a paedophile — In a way he had always known. But it wasn’t until he was married with kids that Nick realised he was a paedophile. One afternoon, while his wife was out of town, Nick went to the park and watched children play basketball. Those children would never know that they had been watched so intently, would never know that the deviant observation of them would dramatically alter a man’s life.

Navy rape victim John Atkins against the pain of a Royal Commission
— John Atkins was systematically abused from when he joined the Royal Australian Navy as a cadet at Crib Point in Victoria in 1951.His case has been accepted by the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce (DART), but he has not received compensation after his files were lost by the taskforce. Mr Atkins strongly opposes a Royal Commission because of the vast cost and the fact that it would be too confronting for many victims.

Texas Says It Will Ignore Rules Designed to Prevent Rape of Minors in Prisons — On June 14, 2005, Texas mother Linda Bruntmyer went before the Congressional Prison Rape Elimination Commission in Washington, D.C., and told the story of her son, Rodney Hulin, and his untimely death. Rodney was only 16, a waif of a boy at 5’2″ and 125 pounds, when he was convicted of setting a trash can on fire in Brazoria County, Texas, that caused $500 worth of damage.

Uganda’s anti-gay law reinforces homophobia, xenophobia, says report — The needs of male survivors of conflict-related sexual violence living as refugees in Uganda, of whom there are several hundred, are poorly met, with recent legislation against homosexuality making matters worse, according to a new report. According to one humanitarian official working in the field who preferred anonymity, “many survivors have medical needs due to the assault and have undergone a series of surgeries.

Zimbabwe: Woman Rapes, Infects Step Son With STI — A CHIREDZI woman who “raped” her mentally ill teenage stepson and infected him with a sexually transmitted disease will spend the next 13 years in prison. Respina Mukanduri, 40, was convicted by a local court and slapped with a 16 year jail sentence but had three years suspended with conditions. The State, led by Moreblessing Rusere, proved beyond reasonable doubt that Mukanduri raped the teenage boy on a number of occasions while his father was away from home.

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  2. I guess I meant to say the Rape Prevention link esp upset me, but there’s lots to be mad about in your links. The pedophiia link was mostly fair and somewhat enlightening (already knew most of that stuf) but the rest of the links just convinced me that the powerful do whatever the fuck they want and justice and care are often matters of pure luck as to where and when and who you are.

  3. I am doing research for an article about the rape of men and women raping men. Could you link me to the most important posts you have written about that? You have huge archives and its a bit much to look through all of them so if you could link me to them or tell me the titles of the posts that would be very helpful.

    I am aware of Lara Stemples latest research and of Typhonblues arguments here:


    If you know about other good and relevant studies I am highly interested in learning about them.

    Typhonblue writes about the difference between lifetime numbers, 12 month numbers and 5 year numbers here:


    ” when you ask “did someone physically force you to have sex with them in the last year” equal numbers of men and women respond yes.

    When you ask “did someone physically force you to have sex with them in the last five years”, the percentage of male victims drops from 50% to 30%.

    And when you ask “did someone physically force you to have sex with them in your lifetime”, the percentage of male victims drops again to 20%.”

    I am familiar with the lifetime and 12 month numbers of the CDC study but can`t figure out what 5 year numbers she is talking about. Do you know where I can find those five year numbers?

  4. Hello, Katana. Listed below are links to some of the posts I wrote about female sex offenders. Also included is a link to a list of studies about female sex offenders compiled by Blogger T. I hope this helps:

    Are there women pedophiles?
    Bibliography on Female Offenders
    The Cost of Prison Rape
    Feds: Sex abuse high at 13 juvenile centers
    Female sexual abuse: The untold story of society’s last taboo
    Feminist researchers find female sex offenders get slaps on the wrist
    One of these things is not like the other
    Study: female prison staff commit most abuse
    Study finds 43% of boys coerced into sex
    When women sexually abuse
    Yes, Women Do Rape Boys

    As for Typhon’s questions, I believe those are hypothetical questions used to illustrate how male victims report their abuse. The older a man is, the less likely he will report his abuse or think of his experiences as abuse. Typhon is playing it out in reverse order. Men and boys assaulted recently are more likely to report the abuse because they are more likely to be younger.

  5. Clarence, HuffPo is not a bastion of common sense. It is a gossip hub that reprints other people’s articles masquerading as a political website. But in fairness, HuffPo did run a piece about Rick Perry ignoring the prison rape prevention guidelines.

    The powerful always do what they want until people set up to stop them. Rick Perry is simply trying to look tough on criminals. I doubt he or anyone in his cabinet bothered to review the full guidelines.

  6. Thank you:)

    I`m not so sure Typhon just made a guess at 5 year numbers to illustrate as she was highly concrete saying it was 30%. I don´t see how she could have made a calculated guess either.

  7. Are you aware of any studies showing what percentage of female on male rapes that are rapes where the man is either sleeping or so drunk he can not adequately resist? I believe I read David Lisak wrote that a huge amount of the female victims of the male rapists he interviewed where sleeping or too drunk to adequately resist when they raped them. If that is true for female rape victims it certainy can be true of male victims of female offenders and it would make it easier to explain how female on male rape can be so widespread.

    Came across this:

    In a 1995-1996 study conducted in the 50 States and the District of Columbia, nearly 25% of women and 7.6% of men were raped and/or physically assaulted by a current or former spouse, cohabiting partner, or dating partner/acquaintance at some time in their lifetime (based on survey of 16,000 participants, equally male and female).

    Patricia Tjaden & Nancy Thoennes, U.S. Dep’t of Just., NCJ 181867, Extent, Nature, and Consequences of Intimate Partner Violence, at iii (2000), available at http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/nij/pubs-sum/181867.htm

  8. Are you aware of any studies showing what percentage of female on male rapes that are rapes where the man is either sleeping or so drunk he can not adequately resist?

    Katana, to my knowledge no one has done a specific study on that subject, however, several studies have asked about it in their surveys.

    Both studies suggest that alcohol plays a role in some of the assaults, but it appears most assault occurred without the use of alcohol.

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