Bulletin Board v228

After Serving 10 Years For Rapes He Didn’t Commit, Man Is Vindicated — A Brooklyn man who spent ten years in prison for rape was cleared of his conviction yesterday. Tyrone Hicks finished his ten-year sentence seven years ago, but never stopped fighting to prove his innocence. Hicks’ troubles started in 1998 when a man known as “the Bronx rapist” was terrorizing women in the area.

Ex-nun ‘denied abuse at boys’ home’ — A former nun interviewed by police investigating alleged abuse at a children’s home in Northern Ireland has said she loved the young people, a public inquiry heard. In the 1970s, the ex-nun worked at Termonbacca boy’s home in Londonderry, run by the Sisters of Nazareth religious order, and admitted witnessing sexual acts. But the woman denied causing physical or sexual harm.

FBI: 100s have contacted us on pedophile teacher as possible victims or offering information — Hundreds of people have contacted the FBI about a teacher suspected of drugging and molesting boys during a four-decade career at international schools on four continents, greatly expanding the potential number of suspected victims. The FBI said last month that William Vahey had molested at least 90 boys, whose photos were found on a memory drive stolen by his maid.

‘Judgement day has come today’: Scoutmaster accused of sexually abusing children is jailed for 12 years — A Scoutmaster who was alleged to have been part of a secret paedophile ring in the 1970s has been jailed today for 12 years. Mold Crown Court heard how Martyn Tucker, 68, of Sealand Road in Chester, knew his day of judgement would come, particularly when the Jimmy Savile scandal came out. Police finally knocked on his door last summer after one of the victims, who said Tucker stole his soul, had the courage to come forward after he realised that those prosecuted for sex offences in Wrexham children’s homes went back further than the offences committed on him when he was a boy.

Paedophile who had sex with boys while HIV-positive has life jail term reduced — A paedophile who had unprotected sex with underage boys after testing positive for HIV has had his life sentence quashed by top judges on appeal. Anthony Marsh, 54, abused boys across the north of England after grooming them online. He concealed the fact he was carrying the potentially deadly Aids virus from most of his victims.

Pedophile teacher abused scores of boys as clues missed — He was one of the most beloved teachers in the world of international schools that serve the children of diplomats, well-off Americans and local elites. He was often the first to arrive in the morning, and last to leave. He led student trips to exotic places and gave out cookies and milk at bedtime.

Powerful myths silence male victims of rape in war — When a group of Burundian villagers was ordered to carry food and weapons into the bush by rebels, few could have imagined it would end with their men being raped. “They told us: ‘You, bend’. Then they said: ‘You, remove your clothes’. We thought they wanted to beat us. (Instead) they wanted to penetrate us from behind,” said one of the six men attacked that day in 2006

Risk of false sex abuse claims turning young men off teaching careers, union fears — The Australian Education Union (AEU) is worried young men are turning away from teaching as a career option for fear of being falsely accused of child-sex offences. It thinks issues such as the highly publicised Debelle royal commission in South Australia into handling of school sex abuse cases have not helped. There has been a decline in male teachers in schools for some years and president of the AEU David Smith says it is understandable why this has happened.

Men as Victims of Rape — Two male political dissidents in Egypt, Omar el-Shouekh and Fadi Samir, reported that while in police detention in Cairo they were beaten, tortured, and subjected to sexual assault. Their claim brings renewed attention to a phenomenon that is largely ignored and poorly addressed, but that causes significant damage to its victims: sexual abuse of males. New legal instruments have to be put in place to address what is a serious human rights and medical problem. Male rape is widespread, particularly in conflict situations.

Woman accused of sexually abusing teen boy appears in court — A woman accused of sexually abusing a teenage boy while she was the director of Birdseye Boys Ranch appeared in court Wednesday morning. Teresa Cope, 34, has been charged with five counts of custodial sexual relations with a youth receiving state services — three counts are second-degree felonies and two counts are third-degree felonies. T

Woman sentenced to 25 years in sexual abuse of boy — A Sarasota woman accused of molesting a 10-year-old boy was sentenced Friday to 25 years in prison. In March, a jury convicted Tamisha Barbour of lewd or lascivious molestation of a child less than 12 years of age. Barbour, who was friends with the victim’s mother, was staying in their home when the sexual abuse occurred last spring.

Young male sex abuse victims traumatized, too — In our supposedly enlightened era regarding sex crimes against children there continues to be one glaring blind spot. Yes, there is more discussion now than ever before about the types of predators who target our children, the cyclical nature of these crimes and how to keep our children safe. And, yes, society does a pretty good job of gathering around to help the little girls who have fallen prey to pedophiles. Not so with little boys.

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