#ViolenceIsViolence: Domestic abuse advert Mankind

The ManKind Initiative released a PSA showing people’s reaction to witnessing domestic violence. The first part shows a man berating and assaulting a woman. Most people walk by. Some stare in shock and awe. Several women eventually approach the pair and threaten to call the police if the man does not stop.

The second part shows the same pair in the same area but with the woman berating and assaulting the man. Most people walk by. Some stare in amazement. Many of them, particularly the women, laugh. No one steps in.

The PSA reveals a lot about people’s attitudes towards female-on-male domestic violence. It shows that many people find it funny. In the first part, the man only grabbed the woman’s face before people stepped in. In the second part, the woman pushed the man against a fence and all it got was laughs. She hit him and got laughs.

That attitude is what keeps abused men from coming forward.

10 thoughts on “#ViolenceIsViolence: Domestic abuse advert Mankind

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  2. And the top comment from Red Pill Philosophy is….”I think any man lame and weak enough to be ruled by a woman deserves it.”

  3. Tanya, you know that most men coming out of this misandrist culture are misandrist, right? It’s called apexuality.

  4. @Tanya Scott…

    There’s a significant difference between the sexes in the amount of in-group solidarity they will apply. The response Allan posted is a quite typical for a male and devolves to questioning the “masculinity” of the targeted male victim. Women, on the other hand, will tend to make all sorts of excuses for a female perpetrator many of which will infer that the victim deserves it because of something they imagine he might have done.

  5. I believe one of the news networks conducted a similar video study years ago that ended with the same result: people stepped in to stop the male-on-female abuse but laughed off the female-on-male abuse.

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