Bulletin Board v230

Child sex abuse royal commission hears paedophile Marist brother dressed students up before abusing them — A NOTORIOUS paedophile Marist brother made one boy dress up in women’s clothing and then kiss him, the child sex abuse royal commission has been told today. The 65-year-old man said he still found it difficult to talk about it even 53 years later. He said that Brother Kostka Chute, then aged about 26, had told him there was going to be a school play at the Marcellin school in Randwick.

Domestic violence: male victim tells of wife’s abuse — Eric was insulted, spat on and slapped in front of his children, but he did not want them to think he was breaking up with their mother. “Fear of losing custody of my children, fear that I would be perceived as the perpetrator, fear that things could get worse and uncertainty of finding shelter kept me from taking action,” he told The Sunday Times of Malta.

Feminism Is Directly Responsible For The Rise of Men’s Right’s Groups — The recent rise of men’s right’s activist groups is due to two primary reasons. 1) Men are responding to some of the double standards and biases introduced in some feminist philosophy. 2) Men have realized the need to increase advocacy and awareness of issues primarily affecting the male gender just as feminism has done the same for the female gender. Unfortunately, the rise of men’s advocacy groups has been met with an onslaught of bashing, shaming and name-calling from feminist groups.

The Feminist Leader Who Became a Men’s-Rights Activist — Karen DeCrow, the feminist attorney and author who served as president of the National Organization for Women from 1974 to 1977, died of melanoma last Friday at 76. Although her passing was widely noted in the media, most the obituaries and tributes overlooked the more unorthodox aspects of her work. A lifelong champion of women’s rights, DeCrow was nonetheless skeptical about many key aspects of latter-day feminism, including its focus on sexual violence and male abuse of women.

G4S must end its complicity in Israel’s abuse of child prisoners — As G4S management and shareholders prepare to participate in the G4S AGM on Thursday, we call on G4S management and shareholders to end the corporation’s participation in Israel’s brutal occupation. G4S operates and maintains security systems at the Ofer prison, located in the occupied West Bank, and for the Kishon and Moskobiyyeh detention/interrogation facilities, at which human rights organisations have documented systematic torture and ill-treatment of Palestinian prisoners, including child prisoners, held in solitary confinement.

Gay clubber ‘blinded’ by ammonia as women hurl homophobic abuse — A man fears he has been blinded after ammonia was sprayed in his face in a ‘homophobic’ attack involving two women outside a popular gay nightclub. The 23 year-old is thought to have been hit with bleach in the hate crime involving two woman and a male assailant. He and a male friend, 21, had struck up a conversation with the trio outside the club after being refused entry because it was past closing time.

Indiana won’t comply with prison rape act, will lose federal funding — Gov. Mike Pence has told the U.S. attorney general that Indiana won’t comply with federal prison rape standards because they are too costly. In a letter to Eric Holder, Pence said complying with the Prison Rape Elimination Act “would require the redirection of millions of tax dollars currently supporting other critical needs for Indiana.” Indiana is one of seven states to tell the Department of Justice that it will not follow federal guidelines designed to reduce prison rape and sexual abuse.

Five myths about rape in war — Rape is cheaper than bullets and is the weapon of choice for many armed groups. It has the power to destroy entire communities – as well as individual victims’ lives – and instil fear across regions. There has been a growing international focus on sexual violence in conflict and what can be done to end this terrible crime, but how much do we actually know about it?

Male Sex Workers Targets of Violence: Study — Sexual violence, which is believed to be a common occurrence in the flesh trade, is not restricted to women only. Men who have Sex with Men (MSMs) and Transgenders (MSM-Ts) are silent victims of sexual violence and in most cases, the perpetrators are their own clients, a study conducted across 534 such men living in Bellary, Shimoga, Mysore and Belgaum districts.

ManTalk: Help for sexually abused men — Andrew DeShaw is a childhood sexual abuse survivor. He carried his secret for over three decades. In 2009, at age 42, DeShaw finally disclosed his abuse to a neurologist. She’d asked him — after he was rushed to hospital, his face drooped to one side — if he’d ever been sexually abused. It was the second time the physical ailment had struck. “I just buried it, buried it deeply,” DeShaw recalled in an interview.

When boys are sexual abuse victims — One of the biggest challenges for detectives investigating a sailing instructor accused of abusing boys in his care has been convincing the alleged victims to go on the record with their complaints. Detective Sergeant John Mans said many of the seven who have come forward at first said they wanted police to know what was going on. Police had to convince the men — some who had never told their family what happened — to pursue criminal charges.

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