186 Kurdish schoolboys kidnapped and the world remains silent

I knew this would eventually happen. I knew some fundamentalist terrorist group would eventually kidnap boys. They cannot help themselves. They are compelled by their fanaticism to do stupid, horrible things. So it was only a matter of time before some well-known group went after boys. This time it was ISIS. According to the Guardian:

The kidnapping of 186 teenage boys in Syria on 30 May has gone largely unreported in the wider world, a curious omission given the outcry over the teenage girls in Nigeria. The abduction was no less sinister. The students needed to travel from the Kobani enclave on the Turkish border to Aleppo to take their exams, as required by Syria’s education system. The journey is perilous, but they reached Aleppo without incident. On the way home, however, a convoy of about 10 minibuses containing 186 boys aged 14-16 was stopped and taken to a religious school in Minbej, for training in the Qur’an and jihad. The vast majority are still there.

The omission is not curious. One hundred and eighty-six boys simply does not bring out international concern. After all, they are boys. Who, other than their parents, cares if some militant terrorist group kidnaps them?

Note the time of the kidnapping. It occurred on May 30th. By this point, the fervor over Boko Haram kidnapping almost 300 girls had died down. There was little continued news coverage. There was nothing stopping anyone, including the Guardian, from reporting about the kidnapping. Yet no one did. I searched for articles about the kidnapping and only found three, all of them from the last few days.

That means reporters either sat on the story or ignored it for almost a month.

That is terrible, but not as terrible as the violence these kidnapped boys may be suffering:

Desperate parents in Kobani have been left sitting and waiting. One man, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the information gap was agonising: there had been rumours that the boys had been beheaded, that they had been released, that there was a deal to swap them for Isis jihadists held by Kurdish fighters. And numerous variants in between.

One would think rumors of teenage boys being beheaded would prompt some response, but no. It appears no one cares. How sad that this is the world we live in. Girls are kidnapped and the world rallies behind them. Boys are kidnapped and the world does not care.

12 thoughts on “186 Kurdish schoolboys kidnapped and the world remains silent

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  2. Feminists need to understand the lesson boys are taking away from this. They are learning that collectively women don’t care about them. So how much can they be expected to care about women when they grow up?

    They are literally instilling misogyny on the next generation of boys. Kind of like a self-fulfilling prophesy.

  3. I know this is off topic but MSNBC just posted a big article about the Men’s Rights Conference in Detroit. The headline reads “Men’s rights conference takes aim at feminism.” Sounded good.

    For anyone wondering why men need such a meeting, just read the article above.

    Great work as usual TS. Thanks.

  4. Rev, this sentence speaks volumes:

    Even the hashtag #bringbackourgirls, which emerged in the aftermath of the kidnapping of more than 200 girls in Nigeria, allegedly by the Islamist terror group Boko Haram, was an example of misandry, Kay explained, because there was not a similar response to the slaughter of a smaller number of boys earlier in the year.

    Yes, slaughtering a “smaller (curiously unspecified) number of boys” simply is not as important as kidnapping 200 girls. Kill boys as much as you want, but do not kidnap girls.

  5. The article is still first up at MSNBC News this morning. It’s actually a very good article and lots of responses. Join in, I’m commenting in the “General Discussion” section. The really bad article is over at Metro Times and is titled, “I was molested at the Men’s Rights Conference.” It’s worse than it sounds. You might want to comment there too.

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