I’m Sorry You’re a Man, Too

David Cunliffe felt compelled to apologize to the audience of a Women’s Refuge forum:

“Can I begin by saying I’m sorry,” he said.

“I don’t often say it. I’m sorry for being a man right now, because family and sexual violence is perpetrated overwhelmingly by men against women and children.

“So the first message to the men out there is: wake up, stand up and man up and stop this bullshit!”

I am sorry you are man right now, too, because family and sexual violence is perpetrated both men and women against men, women, and children. I agree that the first message to men should be “wake up, stand up, man up, and stop this bullshit!” Men should not put up with being vilified for the actions a handful of men commit.

Cunliffe’s comments went over well with the largely female audience. Refuge chief executive Heather Henare enjoyed it, and took the time to complain about a lack of funding despite her group receiving a $3 million funding increase in the last six years. Fortunately, there is someone in New Zealand with the testicular fortitude to call out Cunliffe’s moronic comment:

Prime Minister John Key said Mr Cunliffe’s comments were insulting to New Zealand men.

Mr Key said he was not sorry for being a man, saying “It’s a pretty silly comment from David Cunliffe”.

“The problem isn’t being a man, the problem is if you’re an abusive man. I think it’s a bit insulting to imply that all men are abusive.

“A small group are, and they need to change their behaviour and be held to account.”

Mr Key questioned whether the Labour leader was sincere about the statement.

“Is he going to go down to the local rugby club and get up and say ‘I’m sorry for being a man’? I don’t think so.”

Typically, male apologists like Cunliffe do not dare talk like that in front of men unless the apologists are physically imposing. Otherwise, most men will laugh at them, dismiss them, or beat the daylights out of them.

Cunliffe did, however, reveal an important aspect of the feminist-run support network: it is not about helping anyone, only demonizing men.

13 thoughts on “I’m Sorry You’re a Man, Too

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  2. “it is not about helping anyone, only demonizing men.”

    Exactly. Uh… obviously. And unfortunately, they are PROUD of it.

    “Heather Henare enjoyed it, and took the time to complain about a lack of funding despite her group receiving a $3 million funding increase…”

    (face palm)

    Hasn’t anyone noticed it’s not people who feel generally good about themselves, enough to ask for help, admit their shortcomings… who are abusive?

  3. How far humanity has come. 200 years ago people saw a few black people acting savagely and told each other all black people are savages. Now every man has to apologize for the actions of a few men.

  4. Here’s the problem though: A small percentage of men are abusive. Unfortunately, women are disproportionately attracted to abusive men, and thus that small proportion ends up being massively overrepresented in domestic violence statistics. Saw it here recently in my hometown – single mom marries felon with 17 counts on his record; is subsequently killed by said felon. Everyone questions why this man was allowed to roam free to abuse more potential victims. Nobody questions deceased woman’s extremely poor decision to marry this man in the first place.

  5. I will only apologize for the women who were abused by these men.

    I will NOT apologize for being a man since these abusive men are not me nor will they ever be. Any attempt to link abusive men to ALL men, well, they get no sympathy from me.

  6. There’s no reason to apologize. The only person who should apologize is the person who committed the abuse. The idea that people belonging to group should apologize for what random members of that group does is ridiculous.

  7. “it is not about helping anyone, only demonizing men.”
    Exactly. Uh… obviously. And unfortunately, they are PROUD of it.”

    Typhonblue identifies this as a form of apexuality – just another form of male competition that these oh-so-progressive paragons of virtue claim to reject.

  8. Ginkgo: That’s interesting. You mean, it’s a (usually) female creation and support for the gladiator arena of males to select out the alphas a remove the rest.

    I never quite saw it that way, but I’m thinking how the male survivor support group worked at the rape center. The therapist trainees paired with me were males because females weren’t interested and only males were somehow qualified for this low priority, rather unimportant duty. These males sought and got approval by essentially putting down the men who came to the group. It was bizarre. They felt very good about themselves doing it.

    Something I’ve been trying to get my head around is how this sexual competition dynamic is so unconscious.

  9. Today’s Herald has an editorial regarding a social scientist’s disagreement with Cunliffe. To quote:

    “The idea that the woman may be equally to blame, even if she is also violent and even the initiator of the violence, is simply not acceptable. It is an excuse often heard from the unmanly and it should never be given a respectful hearing.”

    And now the Labour party is suggesting requiring proof of consent in rape cases, because the presumption of innocence is so old-fashioned. National aren’t too hot on it either, and have their own domestic violence policies based around the idea that the default state of a man is violent/ It’s a problem for socialists like me, the only part of the political spectrum really questioning the narrative are far right god-botherers* the Conservative party. Even the less identity-politics focused parts of Labour, who look to represent a working class bloke called “Waitakere Man” are fully on board with this.

    *From my understanding of American politics they may seem normal, but in New Zealand political culture religion is a fairly private affair, and they’re quite an outlier.

  10. Cunliffe is a total mangina. What a pathetic puke. Nice to see Prime Minister John Key standing up to him – unusual for a politician these days.

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