Bulletin Board v233

After Completing A 12-Year Sentence, A Texas Man Is Cleared By DNA — There aren’t many cheery occasions in criminal courts. But on Friday morning, Judge Gracie Lewis’ courtroom in Dallas, Tex., was packed with reporters, well-wishers and other exonerated men. And joy filled the room. Craig Watkins, the district attorney of Dallas County, walked over to where Michael Phillips sat in his wheelchair and apologized for the state of Texas.

Ban on male child carers considered after ‘horrific’ abuse case — The South Australian government is prepared to consider radical laws, including banning men from working as child carers, after a carer was accused of horrific child sex abuse. A 32-year-old Adelaide man employed by Families SA has been charged with seven counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with young children under his watch at a residential care facility.

Boy, 8, to mom: ‘You’re going to kill me,’ LMPD report says — An 8-year-old boy told his mother, “You’re going to kill me,” as she allegedly strangled him with a rope. That’s what a Louisville Metro Police arrest report said after the arrest of Kimberly Anderson, 40, for attempted murder and criminal abuse. On the afternoon of July 22, officers were dispatched to the 6900 block of Rock Hollow Drive after Anderson called police, saying she strangled the little boy. Anderson told officers she contemplated killing the victim with a knife or a rope, but finally decided on the rope because he would “just pass out,” the report said.

Boy, 11, reports ‘mum from hell’ Samantha Starnes for alleged abuse — THE boy, small for an eleven-year-old, courageously walked into a police station. He entered the Upper Darby Community Policing Centre in Philadelphia behind a woman. The boy and the woman were not together. “The woman said, ‘I think he wants to see you and I think he’s crying,’” social worker Nashid Ali told Philly.com. “I told the boy I’d be with him in a second. He waited patiently. He didn’t go anywhere. He waited in the chair with his head down.”

Erasing the stigma of male sexual abuse — Men are tough. Men are strong. Men, if they suffer, they do so in silence. Men are not weak. To admit weakness is to not be a man. Men don’t cry. They don’t feel pain. If they do feel pain, they don’t let anyone know. Societal messages such as these make Barb Bird’s job more difficult. She is among a growing number of people attempting to change the naive attitudes that society has about how men should behave and express themselves.

Man Exonerated of D.C. Rape, Murder After Serving 26 Years in Prison — A man was declared innocent Monday of a 1982 rape and slaying in D.C. that put him in prison for 25 years. Kevin Martin, now 50, was issued a certificate of “actual innocence” after a more than 12-year effort to clear his name. U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen said Martin was “unjustly branded” when he faced charges in the rape and murder of 19-year-old Ursula Brown. Although he admitted to being involved in a series of armed robberies, Martin repeatedly denied killing Brown.

Many U.S. Male Soldiers Had Troubled Childhoods, Study Finds — U.S. servicemen are more likely to have been exposed to some form of childhood trauma than their civilian counterparts, a large, new survey suggests. The finding seems to apply solely to military men, not women. The research team suggested that the finding could be a cause for concern, given that early childhood exposure to various forms of physical, mental, and/or sexual abuse among the civilian population has been linked to a higher adult risk for depression, drug abuse and suicidal tendencies.

Tales of foster care abuse sound ‘like prison’ — Young adults who grew up in Texas’ foster care system recounted harrowing stories of abuse and emotional trauma Thursday for members of a legislative committee looking for ways to better protect such children. Some choked back tears during a hearing of the Texas House Select Committee on Child Protection, and chairwoman Dawnna Dukes said what she heard made foster care sometimes sound “like prison.”

Portland man files $5.3 million lawsuit against Boy Scouts of America — A Portland man filed a $5.3 million lawsuit Wednesday against the Boy Scouts of America, alleging he had been sexually abused by his Scout leader who had been previously banned from Scouting for giving alcohol to minors. The lawsuit alleges that despite Calvin Malone’s ban, the Boy Scouts of America’s national office allowed the Portland branch, the Columbia Pacific Council, to hire Malone in the mid-1970s.

What Happens After Men Get Raped in America — The following story features interviews and material that address sexual violence and its effect on victims. It’s highly likely that you know a man who has endured sexual violence. But you probably don’t know it yet, and might never know. One in 6 American men will encounter sexual abuse at some point in their lives. According to MaleSurvivor, a nonprofit that helps male survivors of sexual assault heal, after a man is raped, he doesn’t tell anyone for, on average, 20 years.

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  2. Two more babies contracted herpes this year as a consequence of metzitzah b’peh (MBP), part of the Jewish ultra orthodox way of performing circumcisions or bris milah, in which the mohel (circumciser) performs oral suction on the freshly circumcised penis of the baby.

    Imagine the outrage if parents were giving permission to third parties to suck the genitals of baby girls.


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