The Five Stages of a Male Feminist

A reader sent me a link to a comic posted on Tumblr site. I typically do not post comic strips, however, I found this one rather clever and sadly accurate.

five stages of male feminist

3 thoughts on “The Five Stages of a Male Feminist

  1. Everyone’s going to say what they’re going to say and believe what they’re going to believe—in the end you’re left with your own conscience, your own sense of what’s true, right, and good. A lot of the male feminism I’ve seen comes across as people-pleasing, though some of it is no doubt sincere. That’s what I mostly care about, where it is coming from.

  2. Umm… I’m not a fan of this. I feel it misrepresents those of us who don’t side with this. Accurate? No. Sadly true? Absolutely not.

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