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Breaking the stigma surrounding male rape — South Africa’s rape statistics are among the highest in the world. Most interventions to reduce these figures focus on female survivors. Matrix Men, an organisation that supports male rape survivors, says the stigma surrounding this crime makes it difficult to obtain reliable statistics. Activists believe as many as one in six men will in their lifetime suffer sexual abuse – and say men should start talking about it.

Ex-Big Brothers volunteer seeks to overturn sex abuse conviction — The judge who heard the child sexual abuse case against a McHenry County Big Brothers volunteer should not have allowed testimony alleging the man committed inappropriate acts decades ago, his attorney argued Thursday in appellate court. Attorney Doug Johnson asked a 2nd District appeals panel in Elgin to throw out the conviction of Leonard Puccini, 54, a Bull Valley man who was found guilty last year of sexually abusing a 12-year-old boy in 2009 whom he was mentoring through the Big Brothers.

‘I was raped at age 14 but told nobody for 28 years’ says client of new men’s counselling group — A FATHER-of-two has told of the difference a new rape counselling service specifically for men could make for victims. Upper Heyford-based Clean Slate launched its Adult Rape Outreach Service (AMOS) and Talking Young Men service (TYM) on Monday, with the help of £9,500 National Lottery funding. AMOS will provide counselling, help and advice to men over 16 and TYM will offer the same service to boys between age nine and 16.

Idaho seizes boys from Utah polygamous sect — If the boy didn’t wake at 6 a.m., he wouldn’t be allowed to eat breakfast. When a sheriff’s detective asked what was usually served in the mornings, the boy didn’t know. He hadn’t been up that early in a while. The breakfast policy was just one of the rules the boy — apparently in his early teens — had to follow after running afoul of leaders of the polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Male Military Rape Victims Speak: ‘You Don’t Ask Questions’ — Each day, the Pentagon says, 38 men in the military suffer sexual assault, but it’s not often talked about. In an extensive piece on the topic, GQ speaks to victims, gathering stories many felt they couldn’t tell. “When a gunnery sergeant tells you to take off your clothes, you better take off your clothes. You don’t ask questions,” says one victim. Simply the act of enlisting in the military increases a man’s odds of being sexually assaulted by 10 times, GQ reports, and before the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, assault victims could be kicked out of the military for homosexual conduct.

Man nearly loses everything when woman makes up story of kidnap, rape — A Weld County woman was convicted of three felonies Thursday for falsely accusing a young man of kidnapping and raping her. Katherine Elizabeth Bennett, 21, claimed a male acquaintance, Dustin Toth, took her from a Safeway store parking lot in Windsor on Nov. 24, 2013, and subsequently raped her. But her story, which changed several times, was later proven false, prosecutors said.

New lawsuit filed over alleged abuse by Jerry Sandusky — A new accuser has sued Jerry Sandusky, Penn State and a charity the former assistant coach founded, claiming he was sexually abused about six years ago. The case was filed in Philadelphia last month by Williamsport attorney Bret Southard, whose client was identified only by his initials, The Centre Daily Times reported. The lawsuit claims Sandusky abused the boy during a shopping trip in 2008 or 2009, and after they attended a Penn State game in 2008 against Coastal Carolina University.

New Research: How Sexual Exploitation of Men and Boys Is Overlooked and Dismissed — Sexual abuse of children has been in the news in recent months; the coverage of a devastating report on the abuse of at least 1,400 children in Rotherham over a number of years, in the face of official ignorance and disbelief, is only the most recent example. On one hand, this is coverage obviously to be welcomed. As I have written previously for The Conversation, we need to be able to talk about sexual abuse if we are to recognise and address it. However sexual abuse is also a complex, nuanced issue – and its nuances are usually overlooked in the headlines.

St. Lawrence County woman sentenced for raping 13-year-old Central Square boy — A St. Lawrence County woman was sentenced Monday in Oswego County Court for raping a 13-year-old Central Square boy earlier this year. Tanya M. Sochia, 30, of Brasher Falls, was sentenced to six months in county jail and 10 years probation, according to Oswego County District Attorney Greg Oakes. Sochia will also be a registered sex offender. Oakes said her sex offender level will be determined at a hearing before she leaves jail.

Stigma silences Colombia’s male war rape victims — The teacher was with schoolchildren, collecting fruit in a mountain village in central Colombia, when two armed rebel fighters suddenly appeared. The rebels from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) lingered around the school until dusk, followed the male teacher home and ordered him to go into his bedroom.

6 thoughts on “Bulletin Board v237

  1. Have you been following GamerGate? I know you like super heroes so I thought you might be interested.

    I have read a little about it. I try to ignore Anita Sarkeesian and her ilk. They bring nothing positive to the community, and I can do without their blathering and incessant victimology. I do find it intriguing that GamerGate has blown up over two feminists rather than the more obvious pandering gaming journalists engage in.

  2. It sure seems like those two individuals were the spark but the gaming journalists are definitely the fuel. Most people I see discussing it won’t even refer to those two people anymore to make it clear this isn’t about them.

  3. I think the reason Sarkeesian and Quinn sparked the latest round of complaints is that there was obvious journalistic pandering. Too many articles with the same theme were published in a short period of time. I think it was over two or three days. It would be one thing if the articles were similar in tone. Yet to be similar in subject, down to the same premise that “gamers are over” struck many as suspicious. Combine that with the heavy-handed progressive tracts found in the articles, and it looks more like gaming journalists followed a Fox News-like memo than each writer forming their own opinion.

    I also think that people are tired of talking about Sarkeesian and Quinn.

  4. It’s been confirmed that there exists a secret google group that all of the games journalists were using to communicate / collude, which explains how they were able to post so many similar articles over a 48 hour period with such coordination.

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