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$13.5M for Jehovah’s Witness sex victim — A San Diego judge has found that the governing body of the Jehovah’s Witness church covered up years of sexual abuse by a local church leader and continued to put children in danger of being molested, a ruling likely to echo across the country as alleged victims from other congregations take similar cases to court.

Ala. woman charged with sodomizing two young boys, sexually abusing young girl — According to an Oct. 29 report from The Call News in Mobile County, 25-year-old Brandie Renee Smith of Chunchula, Alabama, was arrested at her home on Stagecoach Drive by deputies with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office and charged with multiple child sex abuse crimes. Those crimes include six counts of sexual abuse of a child under 12 and two counts of first-degree sodomy. Smith was arrested and charged on Friday.

Dispelling the myths of male sexual abuse and offering hope — Sexual violence of males is not uncommon. About one in six males experience some form of sexual violence at some point in their lives. Reports of male childhood sexual abuse are under-reported. Sexual assault is a crime of power and control, not a crime of passion or sex. Adult sexual contact with young boys and adolescents is sexual abuse, not sexual initiation. Being sexually abused as a child does not mean you will become a sexual offender.

Jamaican women raping young boys — officials — ALTHOUGH a number of Jamaican men still smirk at the idea of a woman raping a man, the increasing number of calls to the Marge Roper Counselling Service and the National Family Planning Board hotline are showing that more and more males are reporting rape and are pointing towards older women as the perpetrators. “A number of men are now reporting rape,” National Family Planning Board Chair Dr Sandra Knight said.

Jefferson woman sexually abused 3-year-old boy in crime caught on camera, JPSO says — Authorities say a Jefferson woman sexually abused a 3-year-old boy and had sex with a dog, crimes that were captured on video obtained this week by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. Angeline Lodice, 26, 148 Newman Avenue, was arrested Monday (Oct. 27) after detectives viewed videos and photos showing her engaged in sex acts with the toddler, an arrest report says.

Movember Foundation UK: Providers Need to Do More For Men’s Health Issues — The UK head of the Movember Foundation has called on health providers to do more to tackle men’s health issues, and design services and facilities with men in mind. Movember country director UK Sarah Coghlan said the reasons why men had a 14% higher risk of developing cancer than women went beyond statistics, and there is a bigger issue concerning men’s health.

North Shields male rape victim is one of the few that come forward, say campaigners — A man who reported being raped on Tyneside this week is one of the very few male rape victims that come forward, say campaigners. Detectives are today still trying to piece together what happened to the man after the shocking attack in North Shields, on Tuesday night. And now a campaigner from the country’s biggest male rape support charity has told the Chronicle just how difficult it can be for male victims to speak to police.

‘Sexual violence against boys is a global problem’ — Greek philosopher Aristotle said the function of theatre is to heal the city. Last year, Nirbhaya, a play helmed by acclaimed writer/director Yael Farber and produced by actor Poorna Jagannathan that was based on the December 2012 gang-rape case, saw five women break their silence on sexual violence. While working on this production, Jagannathan learnt that according to research conducted by Human Rights Watch, an international NGO, one in two boys are sexually abused in India.

Victoria scholar hopes to reduce gulf between men and women — Katherine Young isn’t in the habit of picking fights. But the 70-year-old Hinduism specialist didn’t like what she witnessed in the 1990s when a hard-edged stream of feminist scholarship started gaining traction as conventional thinking in higher education and popular culture. Now associated with the University of Victoria after a distinguished career at McGill University in Montreal, Young had engaged in her own feminist research while studying at the University of Chicago and Harvard — because she’s a firm believer in equality of the sexes.

Woman Sentenced To Six Years In Jail For Falsely Accusing Man Of Rape, Causing Mob To Beat Him To Death — A 20-year-old Baltimore woman has been sentenced to six years in prison for falsely accusing a man of rape and causing a mob to beat and ultimately kill him. Latiqwa Mayes was walking down the street with her friends when she saw the victim Donald Robinson walk by. Robinson had reportedly once assaulted her friend, but he was released. Mayes was not happy that he didn’t receive a harsher sentence, so when she saw him walking down the street, she accused him of rape in retaliation.

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