The Last Goodbye

When I saw the teaser trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and heard The Edge of Night, I hoped that Peter Jackson would use that song for the ending credits. Billy Boyd has an amazing voice, and it would be great to hear a full version of the song.

Of course, Jackson did not do as I wanted. He did much better. The Last Goodbye is a perfect bookend not only to the Hobbit films, but to the Middle-Earth films in total.

This is easily my favorite song from the films. It not only captures the tone of the end of the book, but it also touched a personal cord with me. It reminded me of my late uncle who committed suicide over a decade ago. Something about the lyrics made it sound like him. They sound like something he would say to comfort my brothers and cousins.

I am not the only one in my family to think that. My youngest cousin also mentioned that the song reminded him of our uncle. My cousin was very close to him, and when my uncle died, the only thing my cousin had left from him was the puppy he gave as a gift. My cousin named the puppy “Puppy” because he assumed that was the dog’s name. It stuck.

Puppy is 13-years-old, which is fairly old for a golden retriever. He is still very active, although he has lost some of his hearing. Yet even with the hearing loss, Puppy can still tell everyone’s keys apart, and he will immediately go to the front door when he hears my cousin’s keys.

But he is old, and that is on my cousin’s mind. I heard he not too long ago talking to Puppy, asking him to stay just a year more because my cousin “couldn’t do it without you.” So when he listened to the song with me, my cousin asked me to sing this when we bury Puppy. I told him that was rather morbid, but if that is what he wants, I will do it.

I do not think Puppy is going anywhere anytime soon. However, he if does, I would love nothing more than to send him into the west with a song like this.


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