Sexual Exploitation of Boys

Originally posted on October 12, 2014 – TS

Lynne MacDonell spoke to a college audience about sexual violence against men and boys. Her lecture provides an insight to some of the issues that males face when they come forward.

MacDonell makes special note of the currently accepted statistics on sexual violence against men and boys. She mentions that college-age men report nearly the same rate of sexual violence against their female counterparts. She also mentions that more men and boys are coming forward than ever before. That revelation leads her to suspect that more boys are sexually abused than girls.

I am inclined to agree with MacDonell. Males face a host of stigmas that females do not. The desire to blame males for their abuse is much higher. It even exists in the abuse support community. Concepts like “rape culture” engage in victim-blaming men and boys by implying they are complicit in and benefit from the social structures that led to their abuse. Likewise, the support community, particularly organizations run by feminists, treat males not as victims but as potential abusers.

Added to this are the social stigmas that assume males abused by other males are gay or invited the abuse, that male abused by females wanted it, are lucky, or only disliked it because they are gay, and that any male whose body responds to the abuse was not actually abused.

This is not to say that no female experience these attitudes. It is only that they are more commonly directed at men and boys and are deemed acceptable to the point that people feel free to make comedy films about the rape of boys.

Another aspect of MacDonell’s lecture is her focus on the way shame affects abused men. It festers and infiltrates every part of one’s life, to the point that many men will see unrelated events, such as the death of a child, as punishment for having been raped as a child themselves.

These are the insights people need to know and understand, as they are key to helping male victims and preventing further abuse.

11 thoughts on “Sexual Exploitation of Boys

  1. Not sure if you heard about the extra police protection. It may have been a knee jerk reaction considering the near riot at the Warren Farrell lecture. There weren’t any protests, I guess even angst driven women’s studies sycophants aren’t that stupid. However, I understand they did deface and tear down some posters for the event.

  2. “the support community, particularly organizations run by feminists, treat males not as victims but as potential abusers.”

    As I’ve said before, our top rated school of social work teaches that sexually abused males belong in sex offender treatment. It’s shocking but I heard it to my face from someone who is a founder of Malesurvivor itself.

    I often hear mental health professionals say, as Lynne said, there are many “myths” or “ignorance” about male sexual abuse victims. That needs to be challenged: a myth is a traditional or legendary story without a determinable basis of fact. It would have a historical record. Simularly, ignorance would be suceptible to change by factual evidence. The studies of prevalence of male sexual victimization are many and a couple decades old. Yet “ignorance” is still being taught, and prevails.

    In fact, this is feminist doctrine that has no basis in fact, and mental health professionals are playing politics because they are fearful of feminist attacks, or have been taught falsehoods. They keep saying men are ashamed and afraid to speak of abuse, but they will not address what happens when they do, nor why this lack of services and “ignorance” continues for decades now. By their silence, they are perpetuating more abuse and harm and giving cover to abusers.

  3. Off topic.

    GMP are at it again.

    The article concerned is here…

    After being told to edit three times Ms Couture reached a point of agreement with GMP editors on content after which it was heavily edited by Lisa Hickey to remove all references to feminism. The published version was not sighted or agreed to by the author. GMP has engaged in fraud in this instance. As always no integrity.

    Ms Couture’s thoughts…

  4. Gregg, thanks for the link over to GMP. I left this comment. It’s in moderation so you know what that means.

    Saw Laurie’s video posted over at AVFM. Given the complete lack of journalistic and editorial integrity of Lisa Hickey in butchering Ms. Couture’s original content, without the authors consent, when are people going to start calling this site what it is. “The Good Sham Project.”

  5. Do you mean “college men report nearly the same rate of sexual.violence AS their female counterparts”?

    Yes. MacDonnel gives the numbers in the video. While the lifetime numbers vary, the multiple offense numbers (the number of instances in which a person was sexually assaulted) are rather close.

  6. Greg, I am not surprised by how Hickey treated Couture. Last year, I spent the better part of the summer demanding that the editors remove my articles. I requested this after seeing that all of my comments, no matter how short or benign, kept going into moderation. Hickey refused to remove the articles. When I wrote a comment on GMP, Joanna Schroeder emailed me and told me she edited the comment to remove the criticism about the site and feminism. I informed her that since I was not allowed to participate freely I wanted my articles removed. She played the passive aggressive routine, and only removed the articles when I told her that if she continued to refuse to remove them I would go public with the information.

    So none of this surprises me. It does, however, present clear evidence that GMP is a feminist soapbox with zero interest in honest discussion about men’s issues.

  7. Toysoldier: “So none of this surprises me. It does, however, present clear evidence that GMP is a feminist soapbox with zero interest in honest discussion about men’s issues.”

    The more they do this, the more they make sites like A Voice For Men more attractive.

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  9. I was “raped” at the age of 10-12 (i don’t remember exactly because…) by a 21 yr old female, but I see no reason to believe it was a negative in any respect. I think the entire issue is overblown and based on emotion rather than rationality.

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