A letter to the internet

Dear Internet,

I realize you are very upset about the Rolling Stone article and their retraction. I understand you do not like being lied to (which is strange considering how often you do it to others). I also understand the need to react to a perceived deception.

But you should at least wait until the police investigate “Jackie’s” story and file false accusation or libel charges against her before plastering her full name and image everywhere.

I know it is very difficult to restrain yourself. Try. Hard.

Even Rolling Stone did not publish the names and pictures of the men “Jackie” accused. Exercise some judgment. All the fear you have about the horrible things that could happen to the nine men she accused can also happen to her if you dox her. And it will be just as wrong.

So do not do that… anymore. Let the investigators do their jobs. If they determine “Jackie” lied, they will release her name, unless it proves too dangerous.



3 thoughts on “A letter to the internet

  1. I think you’re right, yes. That being said, playing nice with others has gotten the right nowhere except left behind. Doxx one of “ours”, we’ll out one of yours. Seems only fair, doesn’t it?

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