Everything Wrong with Feminism in 8 Minutes or Less

I could go into a long-winded explanation for my reasons for rejecting feminism, or I could just link to Sargon of Akkad’s video showing everything wrong with feminism in eight minutes or less:

That is why I am not a feminist.


7 thoughts on “Everything Wrong with Feminism in 8 Minutes or Less

  1. Are all those “testimonies” taken from the same documentary? If so, it must be quite an intellectual mess.

  2. Beluga, all of the feminist “testimonies” I have seen are a mess. I find it quite surprising given that they are competing with religious groups, whose ideas are usually so convoluted that people would rather try to understand a Grant Morrison comic book. I think the video demonstrates how little feminists know about their own ideas. I also think it shows how they simply parrot what they were thought without ever thinking about the words coming out of their mouths.

  3. “I find it quite surprising given that they are competing with religious groups, …”

    Because it’s a “world view”, speaks to how society, societies are and should be organized, addresses questions like, why is there violence and evil in the world? I suppose so. I do think of it as a religion. But they don’t call it a religion.

  4. Feminism is very much like a cult religion because both believe in something enormous and all-powerful despite what the facts say, whether it’s a patriarchy or a flying saucer hiding behind a comet.

  5. Yes, Lena Dunham is escaping condemnation because she’s white, not because she’s a woman! Good call!
    No she’s totes getting called out on that and the fact that one feminist website did so means that it would be unfair to generalize all of feminism as not speaking up.

    Meanwhile no amount of ‘I don’t agree with AVFM’ is enough to stop feminists from acknowledging that every mra isn’t just a Paul Elam controlled drone.

  6. That video game metaphor at around 4:45 is cribbed from John Scalzi’s post about how being a straight white male is “easy mode” in life. Which was widely decried as nonsense by most people who weren’t already pro-social justice.

    Interesting how she also mentions “male-dominated fields” and makes a point about quotas at 7:33, yet there’s not a single cis man in the video, despite feminism’s noted lack of men. That’s a curiously common blind spot common in feminists who talk about representtion.

    6:45 ; Telling half the world’s population that you don’t want to talk about their issues? Like feminism does for men all the time? To the extent of actively trying to silence people who talk about men’s issues? Or is it only women who have an inherent right to make people talk about what they want? Because that sounds kind of like privilege to me.

    Also, there’s the requisite erasure of male feminists. And ignoring the fact that Western feminism spends most of its time talking about the supposed issues of Western women, so it’s not even close to all the women and girls on Earth.

    6:55 ; Did…did she just describe self-evaluation in feminism as thoughtcrime? Or is other people asking feminists to justify themselves the thoughtcrime?

    7:10 ; Well, this is ironic. Last time I checked, feminism has been losing members and public face like a duck sheds water.

    7:50 Oh, look, a feminist saying they speak for all women. Which is sexist.

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