Music That Inspires v.29

I found this year to be a slow one for new music. I bought many albums this year, however, most were older ones. I only three that were released this year. Linkin Park’s The Hunting Party was decent. It is not bad, but it is not their best work. I quite enjoyed U2’s Songs of Innocence, although I appear to be one of the few who did.

The third album is Bloodsuckers by VAMPS. I did not know the album was out until a friend mentioned it on Christmas. VAMPS is a Japanese alternative rock band. Their songs have a vampire theme (obviously). I would say that of all the albums I bought this year, Bloodsuckers is my favorite. The album can be summed up in one word: epic.

For instance, this is the opening track:

That is the cleanest version I could find, but it does not do the song justice. You must hear the album version.

It is hard to pick favorite songs, but I will try to pick the songs that stand out the most to me. This album includes the two singles VAMPS released last year, so I will not count those again.

By far, the song that stands out the most is Vampire’s Love. There are two versions of the song, one in English and the other in Japanese. The latter is included on the album, but both are great. The music video, however, is a little comical. Everyone in my home likes this song the most, including my godson’s boyfriend, who typically cannot stand rock music. Not only does he like this song, he also loves the album.

Another great one is Zero. Hyde shows great improvement in his English pronunciation:

Ghost is one of the more typical types of songs VAMPS writes:

There is also Get Away:

Bloodsuckers is the title track, yet also the shortest:

The album ends with Inside Myself:

Again, I think this is the best album I bought all year. It is available on iTunes. It is definitely worth a buy.


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