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30-year-old woman faces jail for having sex with 12-year-old boy — For ‘falling in love’ and having sex with her son’s 12-year-old friend, a 30-year-old woman is in serious trouble and may face a lengthy jail term. The Daily Mail reports that the Missouri, USA mother, Nicole Marie Smith, was arrested on charges of statutory rape, child abuse and sodomy, charges which are serious offenses in that country. The victim allegedly said that he was in love with the woman who is the mother of his friend, but police authorities believe he does not know what he is talking about.

Bradford boy could have been abused by 33 men, police reveal — ONE boy in the Bradford district could have been groomed or abused by as many as 33 different men, police have revealed. The shocking case was discussed by police and councillors at a meeting which looked at whether enough is being done to combat child sexual exploitation, in the wake of wide-scale abuse uncovered in Rotherham. Superintendent Vince Firth, of Bradford District Police, said the case also belied two common misconceptions about the crime as it involved a male victim and white suspects.

Britain’s Child Sex-Abuse Survivors Are Finally Being Listened To — Yesterday, for the first time ever, survivors of child abuse were invited into Parliament. Around 300 people from all over the country crammed into the House of Commons’ biggest meeting room, standing and sitting on the floor, thanks to an invitation by MP John Mann. The last three years have seen ever grimmer child-abuse scandals surface, with few areas of British public life immune. It seems that after decades, the country is finally taking these accusations seriously and the victims themselves are finally being listened to in the corridors of power.

Former mayor ’emailed sex abuse victim to apologise for historic crimes’, court hears — A FORMER Devizes mayor who has terminal cancer apologised to his alleged sex abuse victim profusely by email, a prosecutor claimed today. Timothy Price, 57, of Waiblingen Way, denies abusing the boy multiple times between 1974 and 1980. Price appeared at Salisbury Crown Court charged with historic sex crimes in relation to a youngster from Durrington. The boy is said to have suffered abuse at the hands of Price from the age of nine.

Fred Talbot, former TV weatherman, ‘a child sex abuse chancer’ — Fred Talbot, the former television weatherman, abused a series of schoolboys but managed to escape prosecution and go on to forge a successful broadcasting career, a court has heard. The 65-year-old was working as a teacher when he is alleged to have used his “boundless energy” and “extrovert personality” to gain the trust of his victims between the late 1960s and early 1980s. Four of the five complainants were pupils at Altrincham Grammar School for Boys, where Talbot taught biology.

Male victims of domestic violence: Police facebook post stirs debate on controversial issue — “Last year, 1 in every 5 domestic violence assaults that NSW Police responded to involving intimate partners were for male victims.” Already the post has been shared nearly 5000 times and drawn hundreds of comments. Many posters are supportive of the police raising the issue, with many sharing their own survival stories. However, some suggest the police don’t treat the issue as seriously as they should.

Rogers Woman Sentenced To Six Years In Prison — A Rogers woman pleaded no contest to the charges she faced instead of going to trial Tuesday. Jurors reported to Circuit Judge Brad Karren’s courtroom for jury selection. Lisa Norman, however, agreed to plead no contest to sexual assault in the first degree and sexual assault in the second degree. The plea deal was reached by attorney Sam Hall with Carly Marshall, deputy prosecutor. Norman was sentenced to six years in the Arkansas Department of Correction under the plea deal.

Shocking rise in sexual offences against County Durham men blamed on historical offending — A MASSIVE rise in the sexual abuse of County Durham men is down to an increase in the reporting of historical offences, say police. Shocking statistics taken from a Freedom of Information request show that the number of sexual offences against men in the county surged from 44 in 2012 to 300 by 2014. Consett had the most striking rise in sexual offences involving male victims – going from one reported in 2012 to 201 by 2014.

Woman sentenced to 219 years in prison in sex ring case — A judge sentenced an Alabama woman to 219 years in prison Thursday for her role in an incestuous sex ring accused of molesting children for years. Wendy Holland, 35, showed no emotion as the judge condemned her to what amounts to a life sentence. She must serve at least 50 years in prison before parole consideration, a prosecutor said. Jurors convicted the woman of sodomy, sexual abuse and other charges last month.

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