Cenk Uygur interviews Karen Straughan

I commend Karen Straughan of the Honey Badger Brigade for withstanding her interview with Cenk Uygur.  He tried very hard to get her to say something nutty, but Straughan proved far more capable. He wanted her to support feminism just a little, but she does not. When she would not commit to his position, Uygur turned on the condescension. Again, Straughan did not fall for it.

Very well done.


11 thoughts on “Cenk Uygur interviews Karen Straughan

  1. Anyone else see the irony? That the MRA is female and the feminist is male? Certainly in any other arena a man talking to a woman in such a way would’ve been derided as misogynistic?

    In fact, isn’t it even more ironic that a movement that demands respect for women shows none to women who reject their label of feminist? (Kayley Cuoco being called a bellend anyone?)

    Either way, feminism has it’s own misogynistic skeletons in it’s own closet, but if I bothered to list email all, I’d be here all day long.

    (Granted, I have a few criticisms of MRAs but I’m not really interested in them because they’re not a mainstream movement.)

  2. Christ, that guy just turned on a dime. What a blowhard – and then he had the nerve to call his opponent a radical!

    That “thank us or get back in the kitchen” line reminds me oh so much of the patriotic types who’ll hold up something good they think the US achieved as a shield to deflect criticism of something else the US has done. And then if you don’t thank them enough, well, the US should just pick up its toys and go home!

    People who truly stick up for rights aren’t doing it so they can be demand a particular quota of thanks. They do it because it’s right and necessary. That also carries its own responsiblity with it – if you claim to pursue a particular virtue, and preach it, and then *fail to live by it* – the criticism will be heavy.

    I think I can see where Karen is coming from – to not lionise a movement that has for so long escaped criticism. And when it comes to equality, we either do it right or not at all. Neither of those constitute wanting to turn the clock back.

  3. And the irony that Karen, and women generally, are having this conversation about a host of issues men face without even asking for men’s opinion, or letting them speak if they butt in or looking them in the eye. I see it in person all the time. They will talk amongst themselves without even looking at you, like you aren’t there.

    And the irony that Karen has got to be the most calm, rational person speaking on these issues while this guy makes all kinds of wild appeals to emotion.

  4. This interviewer is one of the worst I have ever heard! Badgering, shaming, and appeals to emotion. The liberal/left used to be somewhat intelligent, but this guy is emblematic of how dogmatic and ideological lefties have become.

  5. I sympathize with his cognitive dissonance. He believes that voting is the strongest “right” and desperately holds to the notion that “The Patriarchy” that is other men suppress women and therefore only women can possibly be effective advocates for women and why isn’t Straughan grateful to those women? I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that he is pandering to an unseen feminist advocacy who wants to give him points for shaming Straughan. Perhaps this piece serves as his own personal insurance to continue getting positive attention from feminists and other delusional historical revisionists.

  6. I must apologise, Toysoldier. Autocorrect keeps making typos every time I come up with an abbreviation.

  7. Sounds like my (female) abuser. Actually, I reckon this is how most rapists think (male or female), though I did come across an anonymous confession by a male rapist somewhere (I forget where) who seemed to be having so much sex, he felt women were obliged to give it to him, finishing off with ‘I hope I never rape again.’, but I think both paint accurate descriptions of rapist thought patterns, especially if project unbreakable is anything to go by.

  8. I really wanted to punch my screen the whole time… I already thought of that guy as a complete moron, but really this guy was physically painful to watch… Glad it’s a short video, I won’t have to destroy my laptop because of him. Congrats Karen! 🙂

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