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Derry needs a refuge for male victims of domestic violence — Derry needs a refuge to help male victims of domestic violence in the city a local men’s group has said. SDLP MLA, Pat Ramsey has supported a call by Men’s Action Network (MAN) for a refuge to be opened. Michael Lynch of MAN said: “A city refuge is something that we have been working toward for a while but the necessity of it was underlined after serious gaps in service provision were highlighted by a recent case.”

Judge Gives US Government a Week to Appeal or Comply With Order Involving Thousands of Prisoner Abuse Photos — The United States government has been given a week to appeal or comply with a federal judge’s order to provide a justification for why approximately 2,100 photographs of torture and abuse of prisoners must remain secret. The American Civil Liberties Union has pursued the release of records related to detainee treatment and “the death of prisoners in United States custody and abroad after September 11, 2001, since October 2003.

Man who spent 26 years in prison settles for $2.5M — The city has agreed to pay $2.5 million to a man who spent 26 years in prison for a rape he didn’t commit, a lawyer said Tuesday. Walter Swift’s attorney, Julie Hurwitz, said the deal will allow him to heal, especially from substance abuse linked to his wrongful conviction and nearly three decades behind bars. Nonetheless, she called the agreement a “travesty” because she believes Detroit should be willing to pay more to make up for police misconduct that spoiled the investigation.

Martin Pistorius: ‘Ghost Boy’ Trapped In Coma For 12 Years Reveals Horrific Physical And Sexual Abuse He Suffered — At the age of 12, Martin Pistorius suffered from a rare illness that left him in a vegetative state for 12 years. Pistorius, who has been dubbed as “Ghost Boy” by the media, recently revealed that he was well-aware of the things happening around him but unable to respond. Now, he’s sharing his compelling story with the world.

Michigan prison system challenged in lawsuit alleging sexual abuse of male teens by adults — Michigan’s prison system is the target of a class-action lawsuit alleging that guards and other workers failed to prevent the sexual assault of male teen inmates who were locked up with adults. Inmates under 18 were forced to engage in sex acts with adult prisoners and staff, according to the lawsuit, with some abuse “open and obvious.”

Nepalese boys pay high price for marrying in childhood — The groom remembers his wedding day only in snapshots, like a dream that comes back in fragments. A band played Hindi songs. He rode in a rented van, his family dancing alongside. Guests dined on rice, dal and potato fritters known as pakoras, a food for special occasions. It looked, he was told, much like the wedding of his older brother, who was in Saudi Arabia working to feed his two children. The groom had already started to think about how he would support his own family.

‘Rape dungeon’ allegations emerge in abuse report on Dozier School for Boys — Forensic researchers sifting the grounds of a notorious Florida reform school at the centre of a decades-long abuse scandal have identified the remains of two more bodies from 51 recovered so far from unmarked graves. The investigative team has also revealed horrific new allegations about the extent of physical and sexual abuse inflicted on the mostly African American students at the now-closed Arthur G Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, including details of a secret “rape dungeon” where victims younger than 12 were taken to be molested.

Sexual abuse survivor, Steven Gothard, urges others to seek help — It was a long, difficult road that Steven Gothard travelled, from a childhood of sexual abuse to an adulthood filled with happiness, but he wants other men to know that healing is possible. The 42-year-old Thunder Bay man is speaking out three years after a mental health crisis pushed him to find the help that saved his life. “I was off work. I was terrified to leave my apartment,” he said, his bright eyes slipping out of focus with the memory.

Valley Voice: Men abused as boys find help in desert — There are many children in this world who grow up in ideal settings. They live in beautiful homes with all the trappings, and they are the envy of everyone they know. They might also have successful, extremely popular parents. But if these children know anything, it is this: what looks healthy and good on the outside is often the sickest on the inside. The worst part is that no one usually finds out, because the children will not tell.

‘White House Boys’ song draws attention to abuse — By practically any measure, Jerry Cooper is a successful man. He retired at age 41, after selling his half of a Maryland-based heavy machinery business to his partner. About the same time, he had a short run in Nashville, Tennessee, recording a popular country song called “Code of Honor,” before opting out of the business in favor of life on the Florida coast. He accomplished all of that despite suffering brutal beatings as a youth housed in Florida’s Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys, a state-run reform school near the Georgia state line.


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