Parents kidnap kid to teach him to fear strangers

Many parents worry about their children talking to strangers. Parents fear that someone may take advantage of the child, hurt them, or kill them. So it is understandable that if a parent has a child prone to speaking to random people that parent would try to curb the behavior. This, however, is not the way to do that:

Lincoln County sheriff’s deputies say the child was lured into a pickup truck by Nathan Firoved while walking home from school Monday. Once the child was in the truck, Firoved told him he would never “see his mommy again,” and he would be “nailed to the wall of a shed.” When the child started to cry, Firoved showed him a gun and threatened to hurt him if he did not stop crying.

Firoved bound the boy’s hands and feet, covered his face and drove him around for a while.

While the boy was blindfolded, he was unknowingly taken to his home, where his aunt removed his pants and told him he could be sold into sex slavery.

Deputies say the boy was left in the basement for some time before he was unbound and family members lectured him about stranger danger.

They did this to this boy simply because he was “too nice,” and obviously the best way to cure his friendliness is by making him afraid of everyone.

What astounds me is not that the boy’s family, all of them women, concocted this plan. What astounds me is that the boy’s mother managed to find another person as deluded as her family to kidnap and threaten the boy. And of course this person is male.

Did they not try talking to this child? My godson used to approach strangers and talk to them. He had little sense of stranger danger because he is a naturally friendly person. We curbed his tendency by explaining why it is not a good idea to assume everyone is trustworthy. Did it take time? Yes. However, that was time well spent because he is still a friendly person who will talk to just about anyone yet exercises some caution.

To kidnap a child, hold him at gun point, strip him, and tell him he will be made a sex slave and never see his family again cruel. For someone to do this to their own child is worse. For someone to do solely because the child is “too nice” is evil.

This will have a lasting impact on this boy’s ability to trust, particularly those whom he is closest to. I suspect that as not the intent. I suspect his mother only wanted him to fear strangers. However, he now knows she orchestrated the kidnapping. Should anything happen to him, he will likely assume she was behind it. So there goes the stranger danger, and in comes the “my mom told them to do this to me.”

Nicely done.


5 thoughts on “Parents kidnap kid to teach him to fear strangers

  1. I don’t think these people are psychopaths, The Real Peterman. I think they really care for this child, something a true psychopath can’t do. I think there is even a little room for ‘shock’ therapy of this type (forcing someone out of their comfort zone for their own good) but not this magnitude. I’m more with Toy Soldiers with this one. The sad thing is this is something that will backfire and now the boy will need help not only trusting mom but trusting anyone.To be fair, this is so unusual a story that I wonder if more abuse will be brought up as they investigate more. But if , hypothetically, this was a single incident of very bad judgement, I do think parent and child can be reconciled in a healthy way.

    And yes, you are right that stranger danger is way overblown in our society. Cautiously optimistic about other people is how we should train our children (and damaged adults if possible) to be, not merely cautious and fearful. But then think of this : how much of what this boys parent, relative, and friend of mom did was because of the obscene overhyping of such fear concepts by our politicians, crime dramas and PSA’s?

  2. Nice job breaking it, heroes. Couldn’t they just role-play? (“Let’s pretend I come up to you in a car and ask you to help me find my puppy. What do you say?”) That’s how normal parents usually do it.

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