This Is What It Looks Like v9

The Honey Badgers released a video interview with Tarol Hunt, the creator of the webcomic Goblins.

Hunt recounts his experiences with feminists on Tumblr responding to his webcomic. I think it is important for people to share their stories because it is often difficult for people to believe feminists behave so terribly. As Hunt states, many people initially think of feminists as the “good guys.” Yet feminists quite often prove themselves to be otherwise.

I found Hunt’s experiences particularly infuriating because feminists not only went after him, but the also attacked his wife and his mother. The situation with his mother was the worst as feminists set about claiming that Hunt lied about his mother’s brutal assault at the hands of four men.

That is nothing unusual to many readers of this blog, but it did catch Hunt off guard. The feminists who attacked continued to claim he fabricated the story even as his readers confirmed that his mother was a real person and not a sock-puppet (feminists promptly claimed all those readers were sock-puppets as well).

While it is fair to note that all feminists do not behave this way, it is also fair to note that most feminists do not do a thing to stop or challenge such behavior. One can see this with GamerGate and how feminists and other left-leaning ideologues viciously attack GamerGate supporters, yet no one in the mainstream media covering the hashtag movement mentions that.

The interview is well worth a listen. If you feel the need to listen to something a little lighter in tone, listen to the Badgers’ show about the Ridley Scott film Legend.

3 thoughts on “This Is What It Looks Like v9

  1. He tried to be a nice guy and accommodating with the feminists. This is why he was attacked even worse.

    Do not back down to feminists, just tell them to F*** off right off the bat.

  2. This is just what I was looking for. Ever been to Missouri? If your articles are always this helpful, I’ll be back soon. Please let me know if I could be helpful to you. I’m really hoping you write more very soon! This website sure did jump started my curiosity.

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