The Shaming of a “Feminazi”

Jessica Valenti wrote another article about why feminists do not hate men but if they did it would not matter. I am not going to link to it. That is not only because I have no desire to fall for her click bait, but also because I found something funnier.

Rush Limbaugh coined the term “feminazi” years ago during one of his (I assume) drug-fueled rants. It is not a term I favor as it fails to properly convey the idiocy, ineptitude, and perpetual victim mentality of modern feminism. However, I must give Limbaugh some credit (and yes, I just spat for having even written those words): it actually does not take much to make feminists sounds like Nazis.

Some wonderful men’s rights activist got the idea to run Valenti’s “I don’t hate men but I really do” article through a Firefox add-on and replaced every mention of “men” with “Jew” and feminist with “Aryan.” The result:

Stop laughing.

Do you not know what will happen if you cannot stop laughing?

You will cry and that will only give Valenti more semen* male tears to bathe in.

The above version came from Sargon of Akkad via a Chrome add-on, but here is a full version of the article. Sargon also graced us with several altered titles:


and my favorite:

I admit this is a bit mean. However, it is also too easy. Far too many feminists seem content to present themselves as bigots, so, like Goku, I saw an opening that screamed out “attack” and I did.

Perhaps this should be a warning to feminists: if all anyone needs to do to make you sound like a Nazi is replace two pronouns in your article, you should reconsider what you write.

*Note: “male tears” is slang for semen, but apparently Valenti did not know that. Or intended for everyone to know her sexual proclivities.


15 thoughts on “The Shaming of a “Feminazi”

  1. They won’t see their own bigotry, or just don’t care. They feel justified in it.

  2. the only difference I see between feminists and nazis is that the nazis quite so popular.

  3. 😦

    the nazis aren’t quite so popular, is what I typed perfectly after proofreading and then submitting my comment. dammit.

    anyway, the nazis knew not to wear out their welcome. they also kept their irrational hatred limited to just one minority, and not half the population of earth.

  4. the nazis aren’t quite so popular

    Not anymore, but at their beginning they were incredibly popular.

    anyway, the nazis knew not to wear out their welcome.

    No, I would say they stayed long pasted their welcome. They genuinely believed they were going to conquer most of Europe and control it.

    they also kept their irrational hatred limited to just one minority, and not half the population of earth.

    Technically, they applied their hatred to most people. They simply focused on Jews because that group was historically disliked and made easy prey. The most frightening element about the Nazis is how successful they were at controlling not only their own populace but everyone’s opinion of them as well. They were spectacular at controlling their public image, so much so that few people suspected, let alone believed, that the Nazis or Hilter would do any real harm, including many German Jews.

  5. She’s right, not all feminists hate men, but feminism is devoted to treating men like crap anyway. It’s wrong to do that even if it isn’t done out of hate.

  6. I used to shake my head in disbelief at most everything that spewed out of Ruch Limbaugh’s mouth. But occasionally I chuckled at his stupidity. Terms like “Femi-Nazi” were funny even though I didn’t believe that more than a handful of feminists were like that. But that was before I began to examine feminism, when I still thought it was synonymous with equality even though I always thought there was something wrong with the movement. They say every clock is right twice a day and when he used the word “Femi-Nazi” Rush demonstarted that he is at least equal to half a clock. I’m still waiting for him to be right a second time.

  7. Not really fond of the term ‘feminazi’ myself. Neofeminist might be more appropriate.

    Again, Valenti is clearly guilty of falling for neomarxist garbage (replace ‘men and women’ with ‘bourgoeoiese and proletariat’ and you can see where this rubbish comes from), the assumption that ‘all men are privileged and so they’re fair game’, a textbook way of Marxist or Neomarxist thinking. Anyone of ‘privileged’ background is a target for such hypocrisies (racism=prejudice+power for example).

    She’s also falling for a post-brainwashing cult like way of thinking: ‘Oh all women are connected by a sisterhood that is suppressed/oppressed by patriarchy of society run my men for men at the expense of women’, probably because of her upbringing from what she said.

    And it seems that such thinking comes from the human desire to find a sense of belonging.

    But to be honest you’d probably get more intelligence and critical thinking from a vacuum cleaner than Valenti anyway :p

  8. Actually, I just realised; a lot of antisemitism in Germany was based on the concept that Jews were privileged as well. And support for Islamism, especially by the Marxists. It’s a dangerous concept.

    But I am puzzled why feminists spew such unpardonable nonsense and then wonder why people respond so unfavourably?

  9. But I am puzzled why feminists spew such unpardonable nonsense and then wonder why people respond so unfavourably?

    They live in a bubble. They surround themselves with people who share and reinforce their views. No one dares questions them, especially not any men in those communities. So it does genuinely come as a shock to many feminists when they meet people who find their views hateful.

  10. Isn’t there a whole subreddit that does the “man”/”jew” swapping with a bunch of feminist comments? I think it’s called menkampf.

  11. Ah, like the religious nuts who aren’t used to critical thinking. Makes sense, Toysoldier.

    Seems like they have failed to realise something else then. It appears that a common byproduct of misandry is transphobia. Suzanne Moore and Julie Burchill said some pretty horrible things about transwomen, and apparently it’s quite common among the more virulent misandrists.

    Mind you, the guardian is known for being the left wing print version of fox news. It’s had Hugo schwyzer writing for it in the past after all so I’m not surprised to see Valenti writing utter piffle for it.

  12. patriarchal landmine said
    they also kept their irrational hatred limited to just one minority

    Remember that the NAZIs wanted to exterminate the Slavish ‘untermensch’ which included all Russians, as well as Gyspsies, homosexuals, communinists, mentally handicaped and others. The Jews were one group among many.

  13. Hey TS,

    I stumbled across this blog a couple days ago and this is great stuff. This post seems as good a place as any to add my two cents.

    Here’s the thing to keep in mind with both Rush Limbaugh and feminists: they are entertainers.

    Really, I think that’s what 90% of the inanity and stupidity boils down to- and why it seems like it has gotten progressively worse the last couple of years. Modern feminism has no genuine political or social goal- it is about clickbait, selling maxi pads, and Sheryl Sandberg distracting women forget Zuckerberg initially founded Facebook for the sole purpose of creepy stalking.

    That’s why the arguments are circular, and present no opportunity for closure. They are designed to irritate and nothing else.

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