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Ayaan to Liberals: Get Your Priorities Straight — Few figures on the intellectual scene today are as controversial or as compelling as Ayaan Hirsi Ali. A Somali-born author, speaker, activist, and former politician, Ali, 45, became a hijab-wearing radical Islamist as a teenager in Kenya, then a liberal atheist as an immigrant in the Netherlands; the Sept. 11 attacks of 2001 led her to a final break with faith.

B.C. teacher suing over ‘unimaginable hardship’ after false accusations of rape, torture — A Vancouver Island teacher falsely accused of sexual assault and torture by a Grade 9 student — accusations that were later shown to be ripped off from TV episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit — is seeking compensation for more than two years of “unimaginable hardship.” In an arbitration hearing last year, the student described a series of sadistic rapes that left her beaten and bloody, as well as torture, including waterboarding and being buried alive.

Binghamton woman accused of sexual abuse of infant — A Binghamton woman is accused of sexually abusing an infant boy and producing child pornography. Thirty-four year-old Latasha Mitchell was charged in federal court recently after a complaint was made on the New York child abuse hotline. She was arrested by Binghamton Police in February for allegedly committing a criminal sexual act in connection with the child abuse.

Breda O’Brien: Domestic violence – men are victims too — Simone George, a solicitor and researcher, chose to introduce a report on domestic abuse in Ireland with an unusual image – a box of shoes. Sitting in a women’s refuge, waiting to interview a woman, she was puzzled by a clear plastic box containing all sorts of shoes. Suddenly it hit her. Some women are so terrified for their lives, and for the lives of their children, that they leave their homes barefoot.

Child sex abuse victim from Kincora Boys’ Home says he was abused by ‘very powerful people’ at Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square — A victim of the child sexual abuse carried out at Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast has claimed he was also abused by “very powerful people” at Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square in London, suggesting a connection between the three locations linked to VIP paedophile rings for the first time.

Free at last after 20 years on prison for crime he did not commit — On a Tuesday evening last month Angel Gonzalez walked out of the Dixon Correctional Center in Illinois a free man. Gonzalez was exonerated on March 9 of 1994 rape and abduction conviction which put him in prison for more than 20 years of a 55-year sentence. And the reason this innocent man is now out of prison? DNA.

London man travelling across Canada to help male survivors of sexual abuse — Paulie O’Byrne has had to stick-handle a lot of bad stuff in his life, now he’s planning on stick-handling across Canada. The 30-year-old London resident is embarking on a cross-Canada tour to raise awareness and $1 million for sexual abuse services for males. He says, “There’s programs for pedophiles but no programs for male sexual abuse survivors in London. So we have to change that.”

Media drops the ball on #HugoAwards / #SadPuppies — When news emerged that sci-fi books recommended by conservative-leaning author Brad R. Torgersen had swept the prestigious Hugo Awards nominations, sections of the mainstream media flew into an all-too-predictable panic. Disturbed by the idea that popular culture might liberate itself from “progressive” elites, journalists across multiple publications went into attack mode.

Michael Jackson ‘wedded boy’ shocking new lawsuit claims — Lawyers for two men including an Australian choreographer have reportedly claimed in court pop icon Michael Jackson repeatedly molested their clients, even holding a mock “wedding” with one. Jackson, who died in 2009, was dogged by rumours of child abuse throughout his later career but never convicted.

Misty Machinshok: Woman Helped Husband Rape Daughter For Shocking Reason — It’s hard to imagine that any mother could help someone rape her own daughter, but Misty Machinshok did more than just that — the woman actually orchestrated a series of rapes committed on her daughter, who was 14 at the time. She did it with the intentions of getting her daughter pregnant.

Op-ed: Double standard minimizes the sexual abuse of males — Recent reporting about allegations that Brianne Altice, a teacher at a Davis County School, had sex with 3 students has exposed a shadow side of biases when sexual assault involves male victims. Similar to news reports from other media outlets, an article in the March 30th edition of the Salt Lake Tribune illustrates a common misperception by stating that Ms. Altice “… is accused of having sexual relationships with three students …”

Penn State approves ‘extraordinary’ payout for Sandusky victims — Pennsylvania State University’s board of trustees voted Thursday to pay an undisclosed amount – what one trustee called “an extraordinary” sum – to settle claims filed by sexual-abuse victims of Jerry Sandusky. In a special meeting held by teleconference, the board voted, 18-6, to approve the settlement. It did not disclose the size of the payout, the case details, or names of any plaintiffs. Sources had told The Inquirer that the meeting was being called solely to settle at least one Sandusky-related lawsuit.

Prison Guards Resign After Viral Beating Photo Posted to Facebook — Two Georgia correction officers have resigned after a photo of a beaten teenage inmate with a leash around his neck was posted on Facebook, apparently with a contraband cellphone, officials said Monday. Authorities also said two prisoners involved in the March 27 incident were transferred out of the Al Burruss Correctional Training Center and the victim, Cortez Berry, is now in protective custody at another state prison.

Self-harm, drug-taking and sexual abuse more common in privately run prisons, new figures show — Twenty-five years after the first private facility opened in Britain, private jails are performing far worse than government-operated facilities on at least a dozen counts. They account for a higher proportion of fighting, sexual assaults, drug-taking, self-harming, hunger strikes, and prisoner escapes than public-sector prisons, according to an analysis by The Independent on Sunday of new government statistics.

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