Calgary Comics Expo sends out racist tweet

As if the Calgary Comics Expo did not have enough to deal with following their ejection of the Honey Badger Brigade, this happened:

That is real. That is what Calgary Expo tweeted several hours ago. This the same group that kicked out the Honey Badgers because they participated in a civil discussion with feminists and had the Gamergate logo on their banner. This is what the group that wanted to create an environment of equality tweeted on their own accord.

I understand they are Canadian and may not have the same level of race issues as we have in the United States. However, I am sure that one could take this picture to the middle of India and they would find it racist.

Of course, the tweet has since been deleted. I do not know who tweets for the group. One would think they would have the business and social savvy to know that was not the best picture to tweet or inappropriately caption. One would think the negative press they have received would have kept them on their best behavior. One would be wrong because the tweet sat around for hours before anyone realized how terrible it made them look.

For all those who support the Calgary Expo, that is what you are supporting. And you wonder why people have such a terrible opinion of so-called “social justice warriors.”

17 thoughts on “Calgary Comics Expo sends out racist tweet

  1. I really, really hate to defend them, but I don’t consider this racist at all. It would be racist if the girl holding the leashes put on blackface, but she didn’t…she’s a white girl who is still obviously white, just wearing a Michonne wig.

    The dad is cosplaying as Rick. The older girl is cosplaying Michonne with her 2 armless and jawless “Walkers” (formerly her boyfriend and his best friend before they became undead), and the little girl is either the Governor’s niece or Sophia (I’ve only read the comics which are grayscale, so the dress color means nothing to me).

    However, I can see why some people may get freaked out about this picture if they never read/watched The Walking Dead and had no references to go on.

  2. I agree the caption associated with the picture could have been more descriptive though, or maybe linked to the Walking Dead home page so people knew what the heck this was referring to. That is certainly a major moment of stupidity on their part.

  3. Just like I said in the past, the SJW crowd are often guilty of the same ills they accuse others of. But even if this is not intended to be racist, they really should know better than to have a white person leading around two black figured on a chain.

  4. It’s walking dead cosplay, it’s not racist. It’s not even bigoted.

    Jeremy, I do not watch the Walking Dead. Do the characters fight only black zombies and walk around with them in chains?

    While I agree the image could be benign, this is the same group that kicked out the Badgers for having a Gamergate logo on their banner. Imagine the outrage if someone had a booth with two black zombies in chains displayed next to it. Yet Calgary Expo considered the image fine enough to tweet it.

  5. No. The zombies (or “Walkers” as the comic and show call them) are all kinds of dead people. Asian, black, white, every ethnicity.

    However, one of the major characters is a black woman named Michonne who wields a katanna, and is very bad ass. She escaped from a horde and successfully reached her house, only to find that her boyfriend and his best friend were already there…as Walkers. She grabbed the katanna hanging on her mantle and chopped off their arms and jaws to eliminate them as a threat, then chained them to leashes.

    It was a smart thing to do, considering that Walkers hunt primarily by scent. By keeping 2 close by her at all times, she managed mask her scent enough to survive on her own for a few weeks until she met up with Rick’s group. Upon finding other survivors, she decapitated the 2 Walkers and became a very well loved addition to the storyline.

    Note how I said above that it would’ve been racist if the girl wore blackface? Yeah…she’s a white girl cosplaying a very strong and cool character who is black. Cosplayers will do just about anything to make their costumes and props “true to life”, but it’s understood in the community that you don’t go any farther than clothing or wigs. Altering your skin tone (unless you’re cosplaying an oddly colored alien race) is just as horrible in cosplay as it is everywhere else.

  6. Here’s the thing TS.

    Tarnished explains the story behind the character so the problem isn’t that the cosplay was racist.

    The problem is that SJWs are so mixed up on trying to have the moral high ground on every issue they come across and create that they don’t spend enough time learning the source material.

    Last year a German woman got in a lot of hot water for cosplaying this same character and actually used blackface.

    Damned if we do damned if we don’t.

  7. While I agree the image could be benign, this is the same group that kicked out the Badgers for having a Gamergate logo on their banner. Imagine the outrage if someone had a booth with two black zombies in chains displayed next to it. Yet Calgary Expo considered the image fine enough to tweet it.

    The only way to fight hypocrites effectively is to never display a lack of integrity nor foolishness. The group that kicked the badgers out has no integrity, they are hypocrites. They deserve punishment for their hypocrisy. However, those same hypocrites gain strength by mocking us for fighting red herrings.

    Nearly every character in the “Walking Dead” has had to do horrific things just to survive. That’s a big part of what makes the story so good. Everyone is tainted in some way. The girl in the show (not sure about the comics) who walks around with two armless, jawless zombies that used to be black men is herself black. She totes around the zombies (who were family before) simply as “camoflage” so that other zombies don’t realize she’s alive. There is simply nothing racist, not even bigoted about that picture or tweet, it’s cosplay and that girl is trying to pull off a specific character.

    I would by a hypocrite if I were to attempt to slander people I know to be hypocrites over cries of racism for something that I know to simply be cosplay. It is as simple as that. Sorry to burst the bubble.

  8. Never watched the show, but as I said earlier, that’s how it is in the comics.

    The series is really f’d up in parts, especially if you know about the Governor and Eagen (don’t think he’s in the show yet) and the screwed up communities they made. It’s an excellent read though…Illustrates the good and evil extremes of humanity.

  9. Tarnished the Governor has been on the show (he played a big part in S3) and he was a horrible man. Supposedly there is a man named Negan who is even worse than the Governor and fans of the show are dripping with anticipation to see him on screen. I think there’s rumor going around that the makers of the show are looking at Jon Hamm (from Mad Men) to play him.

  10. Negan is *definitely* worse.
    The Governor was a frickin disgusting freak, but he didn’t used to be…if you read all the comics, including the special edition backstory issues, it’s clear that he was trying to do what would save the largest amount of people (initially).

    Negan is essentially a living embodiment of the “Dark Triad” personality type, cranked up to 11. He runs his community through torture and fear as well, but does so in such a way that his own followers actively support his “rules” and accept the rewards/punishments he doles out as being How Things Are. Which is just mind-numbingly disturbing when you consider it’s been less than 2 years since the Outbreak. Think about it…in only 13-19 months (comic is rather hazy), a single complete and utter narcissistic, egomaniacal, sociopathic yet charismatic man has created a system that has it’s own people working with *and against* each other constantly. It is so terrifying because it’s so conceivable.

  11. Let’s put it this way – it’s about as “racist” as the HBB’s panel comments were “derailing”.

    That’s the issue with speech-policing according to arbitrary rules – they will invariably lead to inconsistency.

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  13. i’m glad tarnished explained how it’s not racist. but it’s a great example of people who know nothing about my sub-culture making judgements & trying to change things they nothing about, just like the feminists who have invaded & are only making things worse.

  14. Zodak,

    Working in a gaming/comic shop for the past decade has taught me one thing:

    People will always find *something* in our subculture that offends them. If it’s not that D&D is satan worship, it’s that comics are sexist (towards women only, of course), or that videogames literally cause all violence in the world. I’m always glad to meet a fellow gamer who gets it, and accepts the subculture for what it is rather than twisting it to suit their demands.

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