Calgary Expo sends cop to badger the Badgers

I just read this on Twitter:

Here is an explanation: several people attended the expo to meet the Honey Badgers. Following the Badgers’ ejection from the Calgary Comics Expo, the group decided to find a place where their fans could meet them. They chose a park located near Calgary. They posted the location on Twitter and their website. Apparently someone from Calgary Expo discovered this and promptly had the expo’s security contact the police.

Only one officer came. He asked the Badgers’ intentions and left when he discovered they were just hanging out. There is raw video of the interaction. The audio is rather bad, however, you can see the officer approach someone and ask questions.

I asked if there was any confirmation that Calgary Expo called the police. According to Rachel Edwards, the officer informed them that Calgary Expo made the call.

Feminists took to social media to complain that the Honey Badgers were harassing people at the expo. Sorry ladies, but this is harassment looks like. Harassment is not someone asking for permission to speak and then saying something you do not like. Harassment is calling the police on a group of people you do not like after you kick them out of your event.

To all the comic book professionals who supported Calgary Expo, this is what you supported. Actual harassment of women in comics.

Nicely done.


9 thoughts on “Calgary Expo sends cop to badger the Badgers

  1. Here’s a song dedicated free-thinking management of Calgary Expo:

    Who receive state funding in case you haven’t heard. Apparently they think that means the police are there for their own personal-political bidding.

  2. Now, the badgers have cause to sue for harassment. What the expo did now is AFAIK actionable, but I am not a lawyer.

  3. Jeremy, my understanding is that the Badgers are looking into potential legal recourse. The Calgary Comics Expo is partly funded by the Canadian government, and Canadian law protects against discrimination of this sort and the ensuing defamation. Whether the Badgers sue is another matter. I imagine it would be rather expensive.

  4. First Earl Silverman and now this.
    As a Canadian, I am disgusted with how this unfolded for the Honey Badgers.
    We may have free health care but our government doesn’t give a damn about male human rights.

  5. Suing over the Expo kicking them out, imho, is the move a powerless person might make. If it were just the abysmal treatment by the conference, I’d say exposing them and calling for a boycott is a better course… However, since the Expo can’t let it go and is actually using the state to further harass them, well as far as I’m concerned, the gloves should come off.

  6. Weird. It’s a bit like when the police harass sex workers “for their own good”. To help women, we harass women. But it’s OK because THESE women are baaaaaad.

    Feminists or MRAs I don’t care who they are. The right to free speech is not negotiable.

  7. “Actual harassment of women in comics.” that’s what feminists do best, erase & belittle real women, while they show more concern for drawn fictional characters.

  8. Zodak, ironically while feminists complained about the Honey Badgers “harassing” people at the expo by asking permission to speak and having the Gamergate logo on a banner, other feminists actually harassed Christian Hoff Sommers at a lecture. They created a “safe space” where students who were “triggered” by Sommers’s lecture could “decompress.” They also posted signs near the lecture venue that stated, “Fuck anti-feminists.”

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