Gamergate meet-up receives bomb threat

So this happened:

Out of curiosity, I did a search for news articles about this threat. I found seven, however, only two were from gaming sites. One was from Kotaku, which ended with this line:

Our own distaste for GamerGate’s methods and social media campaigns has been no secret—and many members of GamerGate have actively worked to destroy Kotaku. A bomb threat against any gathering of people is nonetheless deplorable.

That is a begrudging admission at best. The other article from was a blog on Destructoid. To my knowledge, no other gaming sites have commented on this. Likewise, there has been little media coverage of this. The event took place at a bar in Washington DC. One would expect some coverage given that it was a bomb threat in the capital, yet there was little coverage.

That is rather biased. While people may not agree with the Gamergate position (largely because feminists successfully demonized the group in the media), it makes no sense not to cover this threat bomb when numerous media outlets covered Anita Sarkeesian’s bomb threat.

On a tangential note, I give the Gamergate group credit for their reaction. Nothing better demonstrates their intentions than their reaction to this sort of treatment. They went back into the bar once the police gave them permission and finished their meet-up. They then took to the internet to report what happened. They did not complain or ask for money from supporters. They only told people what occurred. Nothing more, nothing less. One would expect a much harsher response if Gamergate supporters were the violent misogynists feminists made them out to be. However, they appear rather reasonable.

Perhaps that is why the progressive media has no interest in covering the bomb threat against them. Not only would it garner sympathy for Gamergate supporters, but it would also show they are not the monsters they were made out to be.

3 thoughts on “Gamergate meet-up receives bomb threat

  1. It doesn’t, though. This strikes me as such a shooting oneself in the foot incident, they might as well gaffer tape their toes to a heavy machine gun and pull the trigger :/

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