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Boys and Men Suffer Sex Abuse, Too… — My thesis here is that many more American males are victims of sexual abuse than most people know or care about. How many people would guess that, according to a recent study, twenty percent of reported incidents of sexual abuse in the active duty military involve male victims? The report admits that counting the number of male victims is a problem because many male victims of sexual abuse either remain quiet about it or call it something else (e.g., “hazing”).

Children’s panel boss abused young victim before official meetings — The victim wept as he told a jury how Daniel Ross attacked him at the panel’s Glasgow headquarters in the early 1990s. The now father-of-four recalled how Ross “groomed” him and went on to abuse him again before vital hearings. Ross, who was also a special police constable, had by this time already preyed on another vulnerable boy he met through the children’s panel and attacked a third young man.

Damages sought for boy victims of sex abuse –The Delhi High Court on Thursday issued notice and sought the response of the Delhi government on a plea challenging the provisions of the Delhi Victims Compensation Scheme of 2011, on grounds that it discriminates against male victims of child sexual abuse. The plea has also sought enhancement in the amount of compensation given to child victims of sexual assault.

Former Bangor Priest To Spend 6.5 Years in Prison for Sexual Abuse of Minor, other Crimes — A former Bangor priest who was found guilty of sexual abuse of a minor and who pleaded guilty to invasion of privacy and possessing sexually explicit images, learned his fate today. Adam Metropoulos will spend 6 and a half years in prison. Several people spoke out in court today, including Metropoulos. The court heard from a parishoner at his former church, who said Metropolous needs to be healed.

How Louie’s Male Rape Scene Broke New Ground — Last night’s episode of Louie depicted a type of sexual assault almost never seen on-screen — one that many believe does not exist: male rape. But, the scene in which Louis is forced into unwanted sexual intercourse by his female friend leaves little room for doubt. He was reluctant at first, then he was coerced, and finally forced. It was not consensual. Louie rarely delivers such unambiguous plot points, but this scene ends with an emphatic, terrified shout: “No!”

Judge: No breaks for female sex offender — A former Bath woman who sexually assaulted a 15-year-old boy was sent to state prison Friday by a Northampton County judge who said she should get no breaks because of her gender. Lisa Winarchick, 50, will serve two years and three months to seven years in prison on charges of statutory sexual assault and corrupting a minor. She’ll also be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life.

Male rape: No one comes running when young boys cry RAPE, says survivor Kevin Kantor — In Mumbai recently, the story of 16-year-old teenager who allegedly got raped by his friend’s mother made news. A case was registered with the local police. But what it brought out is a problem that has long been pushed under the carpet – male rape. The incident that happened in Chembur in Mumbai gave rise to questions like: Can a man get raped? Can a man be raped by a woman? The answers are, sadly, YES.

Male victims of sexual abuse encourgaed to talk about their experiences — Persuading male victims of sexual abuse to talk about their experiences is one of the keys to ending the cycle of sexual assault, says a Halifax social worker and expert on victimization. But that may be easier said than done, according to Robert Wright, who spoke about the need to promote awareness of the needs of male victims during a lecture on Monday evening in Sydney.

Paedophile from Farnhill, near Keighley, jailed for 15 years after sexually abusing two children — A VIOLENT and sadistic paedophile who “pranced and posed” semi-naked in ladies underwear while sexually abusing two children has been jailed for 15 years. Derrick Hooley, 69, dressed up in black suspenders, a basque and French knickers to degrade and humiliate his young victims. He was labelled “a thoroughly nasty deviant” by the judge sentencing him last Thursday (Apr 30).

Paedophile who had one million images of abuse is told he faces prison term — An internet pervert who admitted downloading more than a million images of children being abused has been warned that he faces “an inevitable” jail term. Refusing to release 37-year-old Simon Hosick on bail at Downpatrick Crown Court, Judge Piers Grant said he would sentence him this Friday.

Primary school teacher jailed for ‘vile’ sexual abuse of vulnerable 13-year-old boy — A PRIMARY school teacher has been jailed for the “vile and depraved” sexual abuse of a vulnerable 13-year-old boy from the Bradford area. Jonathan Dooling, 31, was imprisoned for three years and eight months for a string of “disgusting” offences that included having sex with his male partner for the child to watch on a webcam and telling him to expose his bottom and to urinate in front of him.

Woman sentenced for sexual assault of teen boy — An Ona woman apologized, and her defense attorney sought home confinement, but neither point changed Circuit Judge Paul T. Farrell’s mind in viewing her prison sentence as a fairness issue with the same punishment regardless of gender. Patricia Lynn Cullum, 31, entered a two-count guilty plea in February admitting to third-degree sexual assault involving a teenage boy.

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