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Illiberal Feminism Is Running Amok — When men disagree with illiberal feminists, a favored silencing tactic is to accuse them of “mansplaining.” The term grew out of a fairly brilliant 2008 essay by feminist writer Rebecca Solnit, who described the exquisitely annoying feeling of having a certain type of man condescendingly lecture a woman on a topic about which he knows very little—in this case Solnit’s own book.

Men Can Be Raped Too: Expert Urges Government to Recognize Male Rape — For the sake of gender equality, Jia Jian, a legal expert lecturer at the Chongqing-based Southwest University of Political Science and Law, made a proposal last Monday that the Chinese government expand the Criminal Law’s definition of rape victims in order to include males.

National support for abused men — For the first time in New Zealand, a national structure has been set up specifically to support male survivors of sexual abuse. Members from regional support groups around the country gathered at a hui in Nelson and made a commitment to the body, which would be known as the Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust Aotearoa New Zealand (MSSAT).

Sexual assault cases: ‘Nirbhaya’ centres to focus on young male victims — Growing increasingly aware of molestation and sexual assault of young boys, the civic body will soon set up ‘Nirbhaya’ centres that, apart from providing medico-legal, surgical and psychological counseling to women victims, will also specifically cater to adolescent boys who have been subjected to such assaults.

Support group for male domestic violence victims offers new service — A SERVICE supporting male victims of domestic violence is expanding its work in Bradford from next week. Men Standing Up (MSU), run by Bradford Cyrenians, will offer a new service, Crash Pad, from Monday. This will offer an additional two emergency beds in the Bradford district for men who have been referred to the group after becoming victims of domestic abuse.

Survivors of ex-priest pedophile say he deserves more prison time — Male survivors of Ralph Rowe, one of Canada’s most prolific pedophiles, met in Thunder Bay, Ont., this week to see a new documentary about the former Anglican priest and boy scout leader who caused them so much pain. Survivors Rowe tells the story of three of the estimated 500 victims who fell under the spell of the charismatic priest who flew his own plane into remote First Nations in northwestern Ontario in the 1970s and ’80s.

We Need Harsher Penalties For False Rape Accusers— A UK woman, age 23, has pleaded guilty to a charge of perverting the course of justice this week. What did she do? In late 2013, she allegedly made a false rape claim. Sentencing isn’t until this June, but she could face jail time. Now, I don’t know how the UK treats alleged rapists or alleged rape victims in comparison to how the US does, but according to some sources, the UK is tremendously aggressive in bringing charges upon women who’ve allegedly falsely reported a rape – 109 women have been prosecuted in the past five years, and 98 of them with “perverting the course of justice”, a severe charge with a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Wrexham wrestler Gary Cooke abused young boy whose only escape was into care system, court hears — A FORMER wrestler and sex shop owner from Wrexham abused a young boy who went on to nearly kill himself when his life went off the rails, a court heard. Gary Cooke, now known as Mark Grainger, is alleged to have been part of a paedophile ring operating in the town in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Va. Man Wrongfully Convicted of Attempted Rape Is Pardoned — Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Wednesday pardoned a Virginia man who has spent 29 years in prison for an attempted rape that authorities now say he did not commit. Michael Kenneth McAlister, 58, was exonerated just five days ahead of a hearing that could have led to his indefinite confinement as a violent sex offender under the state’s civil commitment law.

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