Louis C.K. offends people with funny jokes

I was too busy being brutally murdered in Mortal Kombat (because I suck at that game), so I had no idea Louis C.K. hosted last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live. So imagine my surprise when I woke up to this:

Host Louis C.K. is no stranger to edgy comedy — as seen on his critically acclaimed FX series “Louie” — and his nine-minute monologue shocked some on social media.

The comedian remarked on his experiences growing up in the 1970s, first pointing out that no one was offended by racist language at that time (and admitting to his “mild racism” today). Then he got a few groans from the audience once he started delving into the topic of child molesters.

He said that the child molester living down the street was not a big deal to most people at the time.

“Child molesters are very tenacious people,” he noted, pointing out the fate of those who are caught doing it.

“From their point of view, it must be amazing to risk so much!”

Many in the audience sounded shocked by this point in the monologue and he was aware that the joke didn’t go over well.

Fair enough. Let us see the offensive opening monologue:

By far the best part is this:

Yes, the joke is outrageous. Yes, it is provocative. However, it is funny.

It is funny because we all know what Louis said was somewhat true. That is the best part of about great humor. It forces us to look at things we would rather ignore by making light of them.

More so, this is what Louis C.K. does. This is what he is known for. SNL did not bring him back for a third time with no knowledge of the kind of humor he deals in. Ricky Gervais received a similar reaction when hosting the Golden Globes three years in a row. This is what these comedians do. Why is anyone surprised?

That said, at the very least one can say that as a society we have progressed enough in our views about sexual violence against boys that we now consider joking about it taboo.

12 thoughts on “Louis C.K. offends people with funny jokes

  1. I think what changed with regard to sex crimes in the 80’s and 90’s was that the gay rights, birth control, and pro-choice movements made a lot of progress.

    Conservatives challenged this progress with slippery slope arguments, and unfortunately, instead of making a principaled argument that a person’s sexual compulsions should not be used as an excuse to rob him or her of human dignity, many liberals instead hypocritically doubled down on pedophilia, bestiality, etc. as the lowest of the low.

    As a consequence, offenders who were once considered merely criminals are now considered absolute monsters.

  2. TS, did you happen to catch how he didn’t like boys?

    I hope he was being sarcastic and that was his usual “Subtle Punchline” joke.

    Because if he wasn’t, then he can go screw himself. Boys get enough grief without having a raunchy comedian rub it in their face with such a “joke”.

  3. Eagle, it is just a joke. All he is doing is telling jokes. In his older routines he would talk horribly about his children. I doubt he hates his daughters. He was doing it partly to vent as a parent and partly for the laugh.

  4. I can’t access the videos as they are unavailable in my country, but from your written excerpt it seems like he raises a good point. In most country rape and child molestation can get you the death sentence, life in prison or a lynch mob (well, only if you’re a man and you’re more likely to get it if you target a woman or girl than a man or a boy). The ones doing that must see something in it to take that risk. I have no idea what they see in it, but they clearly see it. I mean unless I was sure I’d get away with it I wouldn’t dare to attempt to kill the girl who molested me, and revenge is a pretty big motivator, so from their perspective there’s gotta be something pushing them to do so. If we can find out what, maybe we can prevent at least a few rapes.

  5. ElisaSky:

    In most country rape and child molestation can get you the death sentence, life in prison or a lynch mob (well, only if you’re a man and you’re more likely to get it if you target a woman or girl than a man or a boy). The ones doing that must see something in it to take that risk. I have no idea what they see in it, but they clearly see it.

    The reason is clear some and less clear for others. Most people who abuse children as child molesters, not pedophiles. They have no specific attraction to children. They tend to be opportunists. For people like that, the reason can vary but it is usually opportunity. For those sexually attracted to children, the reason is obvious.

  6. Still doesn’t explain why they rape in the first place. from their perspective, they must be after something to take that kind of risks. But thanks for your reply ToySoldier.

  7. Elisa, it does if you consider from their perspective. They are not thinking of it as rape. From the pedophile’s perspective, it is not rape. It is a lovely relationship. From the molester’s perspective, it is akin to a one night stand or friends with benefits.

  8. You really think they are that messed up and can’t tell the difference? Maybe you’re right, I don’t know, seems like some really messed up way of thinking… But thanks for your time.

  9. If you can make jokes about the holocaust, or make terrorism and suicide bombers funny (e.g. ‘Four Lions’) then anything is possible.

  10. Elisa, I think some of those people are truly dysfunctional. I think some of them are abusive or opportunistic. Others I think genuinely care about the victim. For instance, most people who sexually abuse children abuse teenagers, usually those who have just reached or already began puberty. In social context, this is deplorable. In biological context, this is normal. Humans are the only species to designate our recently sexually mature off limits, and even we have only done so in the last hundred years. This behavior is not as unusual as people think. What differs today is how we think about the behavior.

    That is not to say I disagree with the change. I do not. A child is not prepared on any level to deal with sex or sexual relationships. However, it is important to note that the change in opinion affects how we view this behavior.

  11. Maybe you’re right TS, I wouldn’t know. Well, thanks for your time and explanations.

  12. What he’s saying is exactly my true childhood memory. I’m 56. I’m told everybody (including my family members) knew the guy who molested me “liked boys” and nobody said a word to me, him or did anything to warn me, prevent or report it. It was just like, he was weird that way, and,… oh, well. Kinda hard to believe. Kids did talk about certain people as molesters. I think people today cannot accept that is true because essentially because what that says about them as a part of this society. But I think it’s true.

    While there is certainly more awareness of the harm it causes, people still largely do not see it even when it’s pretty obvious. And of course, feminists really encourage blindness to male victims and female perpetrators. People just don’t want to deal with it though a kind of guilt by association. Much easier and safer to say, “Oh, I never knew!”

    I’m glad he spoke about it to such a big audience. But I couldn’t find the humor in it because frankly I think little has really changed. There’s just a different language and attitude layered on top of the same blindness and inaction.

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