CTA Shames Rude Passengers with Brutally Honest Ad Campaign

As much as I dislike the idea of shaming people for the sake of doing it, this campaign is much needed. Anyone familiar with the Chicago Public Transit(CTA) system can attest to the madness that occurs on its buses and trains. The loud music, loud phone conversations, the food, the taking up of space, the door-blocking, just to name a few. CTA decided to address this with a series of ads. Here are some of them:

This next on is my favorite, perhaps for an obvious reason:

The article goes into detail:

One insidious transit misbehavior won’t be directly targeted in this round of ads — though transit staff considered it.

The Chicago Tribune reports that “manspreading” isn’t included in the current campaign, but CTA spokesman Brian Steele said they hope riders will consider it included in the “general topic of taking up too much space.” Since December, Steele told the Trib the CTA has received only two calls complaining about “manspreading” on trains or buses.

Chicago has one of the most frequently used transit systems in the country, in six months the CTA only received two complaints about the faux micro-aggression. One could ask for no better proof that feminists created the “problem” solely to harass and shame men than this.


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