Bulletin Board v263

14 years in prison for Wollaton paedophile who filmed sex acts with young boys — Child molester Steven Peck has been jailed for 14 years after admitting he groomed young boys for sex. Over a seven-year period, he befriended three youngsters, plying them with gifts and taking them on days out, while abusing them – at venues including Wollaton Park. It was only when one of the victims told his grandmother two years ago that the crimes came to light.

Boys bear the pain alone – Sexual assault of males under-reported — As more agencies turn their searchlight on sexual abuse of the country’s young girls, there is an increasingly loud call for more emphasis to be placed on boys who are victims of sexual abuse. According to Everton Hannam, chairman of the National Parent-Teacher Association in Jamaica, he was very disappointed that there appears to be no overwhelming drive towards identifying and assisting male victims.

Child sex abuse claims shake United Nations — The boys said they approached the French soldiers because they were hungry. Some were so young they didn’t quite understand the acts the soldiers demanded in return. One boy, 8 or 9 years old, said he did it several times to the same soldier, “until one day an older kid saw him and told him what he was doing was bad.” Another boy, 9, said he thought the soldiers had been urinating.

Confessions of an Afghan Boy Sex Slave — The 20-odd men who had come to the party were expecting a dancing boy, or bacha bereesh. Some were drinking while others were smoking hashish in open windows, looking down into the street of the middle-class Kabul district of Karte-Char as they anticipated the boy’s arrival. The 16-year-old Hazara youth was known as “the Chinoise” for his striking oriental features. Many had seen him dance at other parties.

‘Father Figure’ Had Sex With Underage Boy for 5 Years: PROSECUTOR — A Bridgeview man is accused of having sexual relations with a former neighbor who was 13 years old when the alleged abuse began in 2008. John Doolan, 73, of the 8800 block of South Harlem Avenue, appeared in bond court after he was arrested Tuesday on charges of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Prosecutors said the abuse began in 2008 between Doolan and the 13-year-old neighbor boy who looked up to the older man as a “father figure.”

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert allegedly Sexually Abused a Male — Former House Speaker Denny Hastert (R-Illinois) is alleged of making payments to cover up sexual abuse of a male victim long time ago. The misconduct, as per the indictment, involved sexual abuse when Hastert was a high school teacher and wrestling coach. Dennis Hastert, a former high school teacher and coach from Illinois, looked more inclined towards bringing solid, Midwestern values to Washington, when he won the election for the House of Representatives in 1986.

Gay teenager ‘forced to have sex with his own mother’ to ‘cure’ his homosexuality, campaigners in India say — A teenager was reportedly forced to have sex with his own mother in one of the horrific cases of “corrective rape” uncovered by campaigners in India. Deepthi Tadanki, who is making a film on the subject, was told of the attack while doing research in the city of Bangalore. “Family members forced a gay boy to have sex with his mother, in a bid to turn him ‘straight’,” she told the Times of India.

Hastert case shows need for Illinois sex-abuse hotline, survivors group says — A support group for clergy sex abuse victims presented a letter to Lisa Madigan’s office Monday asking the attorney general to set up a hotline for adults who have suffered sex abuse as children. The group also sent letters Monday to the Illinois Association of School Administrators and several Boy Scout councils in the Chicago area, asking them to set up hotlines. “We want victims to find information and resources and learn that they are not alone,” the group wrote in the letter to Madigan.

Isis kidnaps up to 500 children in Iraq ‘to use as suicide bombers and child soldiers’ — Up to 500 children reportedly kidnapped by Isis in Iraq could be used as suicide bombers and child soldiers, officials have claimed. They were taken to territory held by the so-called Islamic State in two provinces, possibly for training at the group’s camps for youngsters it dubs “cubs of the Caliphate”. Farhan Mohammed, from Anbar’s provincial council, said boys had been abducted from the towns of Ar Rutba, Al-Qaim, Anah and Rawa over a week.

Isis tortures 14-year-old Syrian boy and films it in graphic video for ‘propaganda purposes’ — A 14-year-old Syrian boy has described how he was tortured on camera by Isis for “propaganda purposes”. Speaking to BBC News in Turkey, the boy said he had been paid to place a bomb at an Isis meeting point in Isis-controlled Raqqa but was caught, strung up by his wrists and electrocuted. Graphic video footage obtained by the broadcaster reportedly showed the boy, identified only as Ahmed, blindfolded, tied up around a foot off the ground and beaten by two masked men.

Minnesota priest abuse verdict points to challenges of prosecuting older cases — Soon after a Dakota County jury acquitted Francis Hoefgen of criminal sexual misconduct with a former altar boy, St. Paul attorney Jeff Anderson released evidence that the jury did not hear — documents in which the former Catholic priest admitted to police that he had sexually assaulted a different teenage boy in 1984. The latest documents add to more than 50 pages already available about Hoefgen, 64, a priest identified as credibly accused by St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minn., and whose trial was monitored by victims’ advocates across the country.

The Ottawa Men’s Refuge forges ahead — The Ottawa Men’s Refuge is working to establish referral services and eventually shelter space for male victims of domestic violence. Formed earlier this year as a subcommittee of the Ottawa Police Service GLBT liaison committee, the Men’s Refuge held a meeting on May 27 at Ottawa City Hall to consult with community organizations working in the anti-violence sector.

Woman who had sex with 14-year-old boy is jailed — The wife of an army corporal has been sent to prison for three years for having sex with a 14-year-old boy after a suspended sentence was ruled to be too lenient. Caroline Salisbury, who was 25 at the time, met the teenager on a garrison bus in Germany, groomed him via social media and had sexual intercourse with him on several occasions. She had originally been given a two-year suspended sentence but the attorney general, Jeremy Wright QC, granted permission for an appeal under the unduly lenient sentences provisions.

2 thoughts on “Bulletin Board v263

  1. “According to Everton Hannam, chairman of the National Parent-Teacher Association in Jamaica, he was very disappointed that there appears to be no overwhelming drive towards identifying and assisting male victims”

    ROFLMAO. Guess this guy was asleep during the Penn State scandal, the Catholic Church Scandal, The Dennis Hastert Scandal. It’s female victims who are ignored. Guys who abuse boys are seen as “gay” and therefore abnormal….guys who abuse females are seen as straight and “normal” so they get a free pass from heterosexual men

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