Teacher’s aide arrested and charged with attempted sexual battery

Police arrested Alecia Dotson following a sting in a movie teacher. According to reports, the 45-year-old teacher’s aide sent sexual text messages to an 11-year-old student from her high school. The boy’s mother discovered the messages and contacted the police. While the police were at the boy’s home, Dotson allegedly texted “Love bug what are you doing.” She also allegedly sent “I’ll be sure to tell her we won’t have sex on the first visit…LOL.”

The police took the boy’s phone and began their investigation:

The police department’s special-victims unit began an investigation on Monday and authorities had alleged victim’s cell phone.

Dotson sent another text Tuesday asking the boy, “Are you awake love bug?”

“Dotson, believing she was talking to the victim when in fact it was detectives, arranged a meeting with him at the Cinemark Movie Theater for the purpose of engaging in unlawful sexual conduct,” Gross said. “Prior to arriving at the theater, Dotson stopped and picked up a bottle of strawberry warming lubricant from Spencer’s at the Lakeland Mall. Dotson was taken into custody after she showed up as planned at the Lakeland Mall.”

Dotson told police that the situation with her victim began as a “mentorship” and evolved into a “crush” and then a “romantic relationship.”

Authorities charged Dotson with attempted sexual battery, using a computer to solicit a child, traveling to meet a minor and unlawful use of communications.

As the media reports on more of these cases, people get to see that women who prey on children are no different than their male counterparts. After all, how many times have people heard of male offenders taking their victims to the movies before molesting them?

The notion that female offenders are somehow “different” than male offenders does not parse. The only difference between the two is how we as a society react to women’s predatory behavior. Fortunately, the police reacted the right way.


One thought on “Teacher’s aide arrested and charged with attempted sexual battery

  1. Police didn’t have much of a choice in this case. There’s no nudge-nudge, wink-wink for an eleven year old. Would they be the same for a 16 year old.

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