Why do MRAs attack feminism?

Karen Straughan explains why men’s rights activists “attack” feminism in her new video. I would not call questioning feminist theories, activism, and policies an “attack.” If one finds those things to be biased, it makes sense to criticize them.

However, far too many feminists view criticism as “harassment” and “misogyny.” Straughan explains precisely why the criticism is neither of those things. She also explains the position of non-feminists in general.

If one wants to point out, for example, the bias in the domestic violence support community, specifically how domestic violence is painted as something only men do to only women, how does one do this without noting who created the bias? How does one note who created the bias without mentioning why their bias is a problem? How does one mention the bias without commenting on the ideology that caused it?

One cannot, as Straughan confirms. One will have no choice but to “attack” those peddling the misinformation if one wishes to fix the problems caused by said misinformation. Straughan lays this out as only she can:


3 thoughts on “Why do MRAs attack feminism?

  1. M(h)RA’s attacking feminism but not addressing traditionalism is a major flaw.

    Also when so-called “men’s right’s” sights have links to idiots like Jack Donovan/HBD Race Realists, they undermine their message. They make sure that low status men such as myself know we are unwelcome….

    I actively hope AVfM fails and think that they are just as toxic as the feminist’s they supposedly hate….

  2. Everyone should attack feminism. It pushes programs that makes things worse for women, like the Duluth model which has totally failed to reduce domestic violence. It is eroding our legal protections such as innocent until proven guilty. It wastes tax dollars on boondoggles like VAWA. And so on.

  3. Meh. MRA is just a label that feminists slap on anyone who criticises them anyway. Many people feminists label in that way aren’t even MRAs in the first place. Mark my words, it’s on the way to becoming as meaningless as the word ‘terrorism’ is now.

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