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Abuse against boy ‘preventable’ says judge during sentencing; young mother jailed for harming son — A young Adelaide mother may only spend about another three months in jail after being sentenced for an attack on her two-year-old son, which left him with bite marks, bruises and scratches all over his body. The judge slammed Families SA for failing the boy, saying the crime could have been prevented if the department had acted on 19 notifications about his welfare.

Another former boy scout files abuse lawsuit – over 100 more could follow — Another lawsuit has been filed against the Boy Scouts of America over alleged abuse by a Scout leader – and his attorneys think at least “a hundred more” lawsuits from Minnesota will follow. Minneapolis-based Noaker Law Firm filed a complaint Tuesday in Ramsey County District Court against the BSA and the Northern Star Council Boy Scouts of America relating to sexual abuse a former scout suffered at the hands of Scout Leader Leland Opalinski.

Bangladesh hunts attackers of teen beaten to death — Hundreds of people have formed a human chain outside the home of the 13-year-old boy who was beaten to death in Bangladesh to protest the killing, as police hunted for a group of men who lashed the boy to a stake, beat him to death, and put a video of the torture online. Police said an autopsy on Samiul Alam Rajon revealed scores of injuries all over his body, including on the head and chest. He died due to internal bleeding.

Campus Rape Trial Violated Rights of Accused Male Student, Judge Rules — A male student accused of sexual assault and suspended from the University of California at San Diego was subjected to a manifestly unfair adjudication process, a superior court judge ruled on Friday. The decision supports the assertions of John Doe, who said he was not allowed to cross-examine his accuser and had his punishment increased by the university after he appealed the results of its farcical extrajudicial court.

Domestic Abuse: ‘It is not a women’s issue and it is not a men’s issue. It’s a human problem’ — ‘Domestic abuse. There’s no shame in being a male victim. Break your silence.” So ran the powerful message on the back of the bus ahead of me in Dublin traffic last week. The campaign is being run by Amen to highlight the problem of men who are victims of domestic abuse and is a first for this country.

Male sexual abuse victims don’t have to suffer alone — There are 300 to 500 people visiting the Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center on a yearly basis. National studies show 28 percent of male victims of rape were first raped at age 10 or younger. I have friends who have been through such traumatic events. All of that inspired me to dedicate this column to survivors of sexual assault and abuse — and to help raise awareness of the challenges males face as victims.

NKY woman sent to prison for sexually assaulting boy — A woman who admitted to raping a young boy is now headed to prison. This case is drawing attention to the plight of male victims of sexual abuse, and the victim is speaking out. Christina Collins, 21, was indicted on a charge of second-degree rape for alleged contact with a 12 year-old boy. She had access to the victim through a family relationship and the victim’s family says he was abused over a period of years.

Police: Boy’s Abuse Escalated From Slapping to Handcuffing — Jack Garcia was a challenging kid — smart, but stubborn and uncommunicative, especially in his early years, according to those who knew him. But by third grade, before his mother moved him across the country to live with a man she’d met online, “he was ready to soar,” said Margaret Saleh, assistant superintendent of pupil services in the Goleta, California, school system.

Sarasota woman charged with child abuse after 15-year-old son overdoses on heroin — A woman was arrested and charged with child abuse after her 15-year-old son suffered an overdose and she said to deputies that she knew he abused drugs and alcohol and did not try to get him help, according to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office. On July 3, first responders arrived in the 6900 block of Mauna Loa Boulevard in Sarasota for a call of an unconscious 15-year-old, according to an arrest warrant.

We must stop indoctrinating boys in feminist ideology — On Wednesday, the Daily Mail reported that a school in Oxford has become the first to introduce “Good Lad” workshops, in which boys are singled out for sessions that teach them about “the scale of sexual harassment and violence aimed at female students” and how they must stand up for women’s rights. The workshops are the latest in a mushrooming series of initiatives in which ideologically-driven activists are being invited into schools, driven by the belief that boys need to be re-educated to prevent them from becoming a threat to women.

Woman charged with sexually assaulting boy waives hearing — An Allentown woman charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy in February gave up her right to a preliminary hearing Wednesday. Rachel Warris, 39, of the 600 block of Dixon Street in south Allentown, appeared before District Judge David M. Howells Jr. to waive charges of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a person under 16 years old, statutory sexual assault, corruption of minors and indecent assault to Lehigh County Court.


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