A Dose of Stupid v115

It happens every day. In fact, it is pretty hard to avoid it. There are some things that can only be understood with a slap on the forehead. Things so mind-boggling that one wonders how humans managed to evolve thumbs while being this mentally inept. Case in point:

nypost jared

While few consider the New York Post a bastion of journalistic integrity, one would think they would use better sense than this. Let us set aside that they used the most obvious, easiest, and therefore laziest joke. The problems lies in the context: wishing that some rape Jared Fogle in prison.

Perhaps I missed something over the years. When did rape become the just punishment for rape? Why, when the media reports on these cases, can one find numerous comments applauding the idea of repeatedly brutalizing a convicted rapist in prison? How can people simultaneously hate and call for rape?

Do not get me wrong. I understand why people wish bad things onto those they hate. Our nature compels us to want those we despise to suffer. We also experience a profound sense of Schadenfreude. What more could any person want than to see someone who they think deserves suffering to actually suffer?

Yet how can people so effortlessly call for others to do the very thing that outrages them? If you think it wrong to rape someone, why would raping a rapist get a pass? (Granted, this does not extend to all rapists. I cannot think of a single instance in which people called for the rape of women who raped children. People reserve this attitude exclusively for males.)

Another question comes to mind: what do people expect to happen? I understand the notion that Fogle will suffer the same fate he inflicted on his victims. My confusion lies in what should to follow this. Should Fogle repent? Should he beg for mercy? Should he kill himself?

More pesky questions come to mind. How many times must someone rape Fogle? Must it match the number of counts he pleads guilty to? Must it match the number of times he actually abused a child? Should we count whenever he tried to but failed? Or what about when he thought about it but did not act on it? When do we say enough?

Better yet, what makes people think no one already raped Fogle?

Think about how we know him. We know him because he was severely overweight and ate at Subway restaurants in an effort to lose that weight. It is not uncommon for victims of child abuse to overeat as a means of comforting themselves or deliberately making themselves unattractive.

Now do not get me wrong. I make no attempt to garner any sympathy for Fogle. He deserves to go to prison for his crimes, and he should get more time than offered in the plea deal. My argument is only that is that is not difficult to believe that Fogle’s obesity was related to some childhood abuse. If true, does anyone think raping him again will solve any of his problems?

The idea is simply asinine.

It is wrong to rape people.

That is not suggestion. It is not a consideration. It is a fact.

It is wrong.

You do not combat wrong by committing or sanctioning the very wrong you combat. If as a society we think rape is such a shattering experience, why would we want to inflict it on someone?

People must realize we cannot undo the rapes. Once they happen, that is it. Fogle will live with that and all suffering and trauma it brings.

People may say, “Yeah, he deserves it. He’s a pedo.” I do not care.

I say that as someone who experienced such abuse. I say as someone whose father and family members used rape as a form of punishment. I would not inflict that on the worst of humanity. Pick a name. Stalin. Hitler. Mao. Even they would not deserve it. That is how fundamentally wrong this is.

I get the jokes. Some of them are funny. The problem here is that people are not joking. They seem to want this to happen. And they seem to do this in the name of the victims.

Well, I am one of those victims. You will not do this in my name. You will not justify rape. You will not to call for others to rape someone just because they raped someone else. When you mock this type of assault, particularly when it happens to convicted men and boys, you trivialize the very thing you claim to abhor.

People raped me. What makes you think I would want that to happen to someone else? What makes you think I would laugh it? Or enjoy it? What makes you think I would want someone to suffer in that way? What could I possibly get out of it? What kind of person would that make me?

That is not justice. That is revenge, and it will never stop because it will never be enough. No amount of suffering Fogle could experience that would satisfy anyone. There is no limit.

There is also no fix when we go too far. Once it is done, we cannot take it back. We certainly cannot take away his pain.

Perhaps that is what you want. I find that rather common among people who never suffered and those suffered to a moderate degree. Yet, I will not stand for it.

Here is why: you are supposed to be better than Fogle. If you think rape is sometimes justifiable, even warranted, and in some cases not really rape, then you are no different from Fogle.

Actually, that is incorrect. Fogle at least had the temerity to act on his disturbed thoughts while you remain the coward hiding behind a computer screen hoping someone else will do it for you.

There is one other thing: all this time Fogle went around blatantly raping girls, someone had to know. There is no way he could be as brazen as the authorities claim without somebody seeing something. So why did no one speak up?

No one said anything because they thought like you. They took one look at the girls Fogle abused and wrote them off. They are prostitutes. They are disgusting. Let him fuck them. They deserve it.

Maybe your desire for Fogle to be raped in prison is not about him at all. Maybe it is about you trying to make yourself feel better for not caring about Fogle’s crimes, or any other abuser’s crimes, until he was caught.


2 thoughts on “A Dose of Stupid v115

  1. Whenever I hear people defend female rapists or say the boy was “lucky” I mention the double standard and say I hope “Bubbette” takes care of her in the shower.
    Sometimes they see the irony, usually they just look shocked thinking I mean it.

  2. I’ve noticed that a friend of mine constantly wish for certain people accused of rape to be brutally raped in prison on his FB feed.

    Ironically, a few people made up a story about him raping a girl – which we know is false – but it hasn’t gotten through to him that he could have easily have ended up in jail suffering the very same rape he wishes on those who have been accused on social media of things.

    (Guilty before proven innocent is usually a given on any social media feeds. People assume that the accused did whatever they were accused of.)

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