Where are all the Outraged Feminists?

I meant to post this a while ago, but it slipped my mind. Youtuber TL;DR takes on the rather bizarre claim made by June Eric-Udorie that no men or men’s rights activists talked about Survivors UK losing their funding. She states:

I am outraged and we all should be. Survivors UK run a vital service for men who have been affected by sexual abuse and if it shuts, this will affect countless men in London. But perhaps what makes me angrier is that so few men and men’s rights activists (more commonly known as MRAs online) have condemned this. I’m always being told that feminists don’t give a shit about issues like male rape or suicide. In fact, our detractors contend, feminists don’t give a shit about men. In case you missed the memo, feminists hate men. At least that’s the impression that we get from anti-feminist men and MRAs, mostly active on the web where they moan about men being oppressed because obviously, being a man is so hard these days.

Except there were scores of men’s rights activists writing about it. I discovered what happened because I saw it on r/mensrights on Reddit. TL;DR destroys Eric-Udorie’s idiotic assertion. He also shows what I discovered after I went searching for more information about what happened: virtually no feminists mentioned the funding cut. The only feminist place I found discussing was Salon.


8 thoughts on “Where are all the Outraged Feminists?

  1. I’ve seen that written about in several MRA blogs. What I’m wondering is whether or not there will be any feminists outraged about the New York Post headline that you mentioned in your last post. If that isn’t a call to perpetuate rape culture, then nothing is. And I am of course referring to real rape culture since prison rape is where the term originated.

  2. After the actions of Ruth Eldar, or that video where feminists try to sexually harass random men to ‘teach’ them about sexual abuse, or iblamethepatriarchy.com saying that “if a man is raped it’s a little lesson in what it’s like to be treated like an object” I reckon Eric-Udorie has less of a leg to stand on than Oscar Pistorius.

  3. There was a thread about this on Reddit. Some folks claimed that feminism shouldn’t be blamed, since SUK is run by feminists. (This doesn’t actually make sense, but anyway.) When asked to prove this, they said they seemed feminist in their beliefs (supporting LGBTQ rights, etc). When asked to provide an example of a single person actually saying they were feminist, they went quiet.

    I think the amount of feminists insisting that they help men too – as an article of faith, as opposed to one of fact – means we’re at the “then they fight you” stage. Specifically, they’re increasingly trying to appropriate the efforts of people who aren’t feminists to help men.

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