Ex-cheerleader receives probation for child rape

In a move of stunning stupidity, Judge E. Scott Bradley sentenced former cheerleader Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Molly Shattuck to two years of probation for fourth-degree rape. Well, that is not entirely accurate:

Former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Molly Shattuck was sentenced Friday to two years of probation, with every other weekend in custody, after pleading guilty to raping a 15-year-old boy at a vacation rental home in Delaware.

Shattuck could have received 15 years, but for some bizarre reason Bradley decided that alternating weekends in jail, therapy, and registering as a sex offender was punishment. That is one massive slap on the wrist consider Shattuck originally faced two counts of third-degree rape, four counts of unlawful sexual contact, and three counts of providing alcohol to minors.

Some people may consider this an overreaction consider that the act in question was oral sex. However, one must look how this happened:

The boy’s father said the family has struggled to come to grips with what happened, noting that Shattuck reached out to the boy through her own 15-year-old son, whose message was: “Call my mom. She thinks you’re hot.”

Another article elaborates:

She allegedly became involved with the teenage boy in May of last year when Shattuck posted a compliment on a photo of the teen on Instagram.

The victim replied with a private message of thanks, but Shattuck’s son then forwarded his mother’s cell phone number, saying: ‘You should text my Mom, she is obsessed with you,’ according to court records.

Let us stop right there. Imagine the conversation that must have occurred for Shattuck’s son to conclude his mother was “obsessed” with his 15-year-old Instagram friend. That is not a normal conversation. It certainly is not something a 15-year-old would bring up.That situation alone is inappropriate.

Now consider that Shattuck was 47-years-old at the time.

She eventually meets the victim when he visits a friend living in Shattuck’s neighbor. Somehow the pair meet, but nothing more than a hug happens. Sometime later Shattuck and the boy began meeting to make out. This went on for weeks, with the victim texting shirtless photos and pictures of him in his underwear to Shattuck until:

[…]Labor Day weekend Shattuck took her children and some of their friends – including the victim – to stay at a rented beach house in Bethany Beach.

‘Sometime around 2am on Sunday morning, they drove to a liquor store and (Molly) Shattuck purchased a 12-pack of Miller Lite and a 12-pack of Bud Light for them,’ state the court documents.

Once back at the house, Shattuck is alleged to have performed oral sex on the boy at least twice – first outside the home while walking the dog and then again in her bedroom.

The documents state ‘(the boy) described the undergarments (Molly) Shattuck was wearing when he entered her bedroom.’

Shattuck is alleged to told the boy ‘if he wanted to have sex she would. The boy opted out. He decided to leave. At that point, she told him to come back later but he did not go back.’ The next day the boy’s father collected him.

That does not sound like someone who had a momentary lapse in judgement. That sounds like someone with a plan to slowly get the boy to be willing to have sex with her, first by befriending him and then by getting him drunk. Or as her lawyer put it:

Eugene Maurer, Shattuck’s attorney, said his client’s life had been upended in the period leading up to the crime by a close relative’s drug addiction and Shattuck’s former husband, Mayo A. Shattuck III, leaving her for a younger woman.

That obviously excuses drugging and then raping a teenage boy. He continued:

Maurer also told the judge the text messages between Shattuck and the boy before Labor Day 2014 made them seem mutually interested in each other.

“When you read the text messages, it almost looks like there’s a romantic relationship going on between two adults,” he said. But by now, Maurer said, Shattuck “has fully accepted responsibility for her actions and has demonstrated appropriate remorse.”

Has she?

“I was the adult, and I’m sorry,” Shattuck said through tears before she was sentenced. “I never should have had the conversation with someone else’s son and I’m sorry … I will spend the rest of my life making this right.”

How remorseful.

Maurer appeared to suffer from a severe lapse in tact when he stated:

“He is punishing her, but the 48 weekends, he called it the (Violation of Probation) Center, it’s basically jail, while at the same time, not punishing (Shattuck’s) children and giving them the opportunity to be with her most of the time,” defense attorney Eugene Maurer said.

Yes, because it is far more important to make sure that a woman who, as far as I can tell, is not barred from being around children remains as free as possible to use her children to again seduce some other child.

What I find so mystifying about this sentence is that it amounts to about 100 days in jail. Why not just sentence her to 100 days? Why drag it out as if she is actually being punished when she is really getting a pass?

What makes this sentence so appalling is that last year judge Bradley sentenced a 55-year-old man to 25 years in prison for one count of third-degree rape against a 14-year-old girl he lured with promises of allowing her to help him raise a puppy.

The man gave the same “I didn’t mean to hurt anyone” apology Shattuck did. Yet Bradley responded to it with this:

“You pursued a 14-year-old child to satisfy your sexual desires,” the judge told Massey. “She and her family have also been devastated by this. They will never recover from this.”

But apparently Shattuuck’s victim and his family will.


3 thoughts on “Ex-cheerleader receives probation for child rape

  1. But apparently Shattuuck’s victim and his family will.

    Unfortunately, you know why this is, TS.
    It’s the callous and gross double standard of a female perpetrator and a male survivor.

  2. Society freaks it’s collective nut out when female abusers are even mentioned. Every time they’re mentioned, they ALWAYS say ‘the vast majority of sexual abuse is committed by men’ as if they’re supremely uncomfortable with the reality presented to them. Why do they need to say this? Do they honestly think that those of us targeted by female abusers regard it as a bit of fun? Or perhaps they don’t want to accept that their assumptions have been blown out of the water.

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