Laurie Penny and the Festival of Dangerous Ideologues

Sargon of Akkad recently discussed Laurie Penny’s talk concerning her book Lost Boys. It is interesting how little time Penny spent actually talking about boys. This is rather common among feminists who wish to discuss men’s issues. Instead of talking about the things men and boys actually face, feminists turn the conversation to women and feminism, often telling men to essentially “sit down and shut up.”


3 thoughts on “Laurie Penny and the Festival of Dangerous Ideologues

  1. The most insidious evil comes in the form of pretentious moralism. An example would be feminism.

  2. Such sordid affairs often begin with the weakness of a man who should have known better, who should have been reserved with his praise, who should have refrained from encouraging some sparky femme from becoming a bellwether of bluestockings …

    I blame Warren Ellis.

    “The bluestocking is the most odious character in society … she sinks wherever she is placed, like the yolk of an egg, to the bottom, and carries the filth with her …”
    — William Hazlitt

  3. I blame Warren Ellis.

    The comic book writer? Ellis is responsible for many things, including writing stories more impenetrable than a Grant Morrison concept, but this is not one of them.

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