Former teacher gets 2 to 30 years for sexual abuse

Brianne Altice tried very hard to plead her case in court. She befriended, then exploited three high school boys, all between the ages of 16 and 17. When caught, she faced five counts of rape, two counts of forcible sodomy, and three counts of forcible sexual abuse.

Of course, it was not her fault:

Brianne Altice, a 36-year-old former high school teacher, has blamed self-esteem, a bad marriage, and three flirtatious male students for a series of sexual indiscretions that have now earned her a 30-year prison sentence.

Brianne, then an English teacher at Davis High School in Utah, befriended the three boys — then aged 16 and 17 — and began kissing one between classes, the Associated Press added. These encounters soon escalated to sex. Another of the boys considered Brianne his girlfriend during their year-long relationship.

Evidently, “Who is Ms. Altice sleeping with now?” had become a common refrain in hallways at school, according to a lawsuit filed by the boy’s parents.

“I’m human and I messed up during a very vulnerable point in my life,” Altice during her trial, ABC4 reported. “During the time I was going through feelings of rejection, no sense of belonging, abandonment, fear and was bound by emotional chains that just kept getting thicker and tighter. I descended on a very slippery slope and hit the bottom.”

Perhaps those “emotional chains” would explain this:

Trouble is, when Altice was initially arrested on charges related to two of the victims, she had sex with the third while out on bail, The Salt Lake Tribune added. That’s when she was fired. Her husband later filed for divorce and petitioned for custody of their child.

Fortunately, Judge Thomas Kay did not buy the pity routine. Kay sentenced Altice to two to 30 years in prison. That is a maximum of ten years per victim, which seems fair.

Other disagree. The comments on the articles covering the case are filled with claims of people wishing they had a teacher like Altice. Two people wrote letters to the editor complaining about the sentence and mocking the victims. What harm could the boys really suffer from being “banged” by a “hot” teacher?

One of the boys’ mother explains:

“I know there are still a lot of people that view this as a twisted fantasy or a boyhood dream,” said the mother. “Unfortunately we learned first hand that it’s far different.”

She says on social media, her son has been threatened, condemned and attacked for what has happened. The mother claims it wouldn’t be that way if the victims had been girls.

“Much of society has decided they’re not victims and they should be grateful or thankful for this experience,” she said. “But what they fail to see are their emotional repercussions.”

Emotional distress, harassment, and public mockery. That does not seem like much of a fair trade-off. It certainly does not seem harmless.

The mother mentioned the double standard here, and I think it is worth noting the severity of that standard. We show more concern for women complaining about “manspreading” than we do boys exploited and raped by women. For every judge like Kay there are those who would give teachers like Altice a pass.


3 thoughts on “Former teacher gets 2 to 30 years for sexual abuse

  1. So…. why is there a sodomy charge?
    Does that mean the abuse included certain activities, or does Utah just use that as a general charge against any inappropriate sexual activity?
    I’ve seen this case in the news quite a bit and it is never exlained.

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