Hashtag Mankind

Mankind, a UK support service for male victims of abuse, is running a survey to discover how people discuss sexual violence against males on social media:

We want to hear your views about how the sexual abuse of men and boys is being talked about on social media – tell us which of the campaigns work for you and share your ideas about what you think is needed. The survey is completely anonymous.

The information that you provide will only be used for research purposes to help us develop new services and campaigns.

IMPORTANT: We know that talking and thinking about sexual abuse can bring up a range of emotions. You know yourself best, so please make sure you only answer what you are comfortable with and feel free to stop at anytime if you want to. There’s also a section at the end of the survey that gives information about other services if you would like to contact someone for some additional support.

I took the survey. It is rather short and presents several clips for people to watch and review. The questions pertain to whether the video changed your perspective on the topic presented in it, whether it changes a general understanding of the topic, and how the public may respond to it.

If you have twenty minutes, consider taking the survey. You do not have to be a survivor of abuse. It is merely an attempt to better understand the types of videos that would work best on social media.

1 thought on “Hashtag Mankind

  1. Interesting….

    I actually wrote up a proposal to do this while I was a sexual assault advocate addressing an “under-served” population (men generally). That was before I learned they are under-served by design. Of course the proposal was most unwelcome. An agency head I spoke to about it, actual flat told me they had no funding for such a thing for a least several years and to go start my own agency! This is an agency with several million dollars total funding, advertising equal services for males and females (but saying “we only help women” to men who call), who ask for donations because the need is so great, endorse events for men specifically to “step up” and donate big… etc. AKA institutional misandry/feminism.

    Here’s my survey response on messaging:

    I tried doing this before giving up completely due to total lack of money and social support/help, and marginalization and attacks by feminist “mental health professionals” (lol, I lost a lot of respect for this industry as a result).

    I would target two audiences. Male survivors and their intimates, and the greater public differently.

    To Male survivors and their intimates, I would take say 10 common effects of male abuse I’ve seen many times and show it to people so they might recognize it in themselves and their intimate family/partners/friends. i.e. sexual avoidance/disinterest, sexual excess/recklessness, isolation/depression/withdrawal, reactions to children like the father video, runaway/homeless boys, excess drinking/CD, others… idk the exact list but all the “red flags” I quickly see in men I learned from my male survivor group. The idea here is to connect the effect to the sexual abuse cause for people who have that effect sitting in front of them so to speak.

    To the greater public, without the effect sitting in front of them, the previous messages are going to be incomprehensible likely, so I would simply show MEN and BOYS (Not girls and women, we have tons of that) talking about this as: 1. Common, 2. Having effects without a “victim” perspective but more just a hidden thing that happens a lot with unrecognised effects. 3. Suggest a “fix” or action to take. (it have to be very brief and simplistic no doubt). For various reasons I think the “victim” perspective is true but counterproductive involving males. Adopt kind of a matter of fact, problem solving attitude.

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