Woman not charged with rape after threatening boy with a knife

Heather Phillips decided to rape her daughter’s ex-boyfriend. According to an article, Phillips told the 15-year-old boy not to breakup with her daughter and called him a “hot kid”:

Police were called after the 15-year-old victim reported to his parents that he had been in a sexual relationship with Phillips and that she told him she was pregnant, the report said.

The parents of the victim informed police they they wished to press charges.

The victim told police that he had been in a relationship with Phillips’ 12-year-old daughter.

According to the police report, Phillips would have private conversations with the victim in her bedroom on numerous occasions to talk about his relationship with her daughter after arguments the two would have.

Phillips told him that he should not break up with her daughter and that he was a “hot kid,” the report said. She then allegedly told him that “she had feelings for him.”

Phillips proceeded to message the boy, eventually meeting him in a park where she raped him. According to the police report, the boy said that he did not want to have sex with Phillips, but she forced him. On a second occasion, Phillips took the boy to her home and into her bedroom:

The teen told her that he did not want to have sex with her.

While in the room, she took out a pocket knife and laid in on the nightstand and told him “don’t run,” the report said.

She allegedly performed oral sex on him and they had unprotected sex seven times.

Two weeks later, she contacted the victim to tell him that she was pregnant. He told police that he did not know what to do and told his parents of their sexual relationship.

The police used the boy’s phone to send messages to Phillips. She admitted to the sexual abuse and the pregnancy claim. She told the police (who she assumed was the boy) that she intended to have an abortion. She also told him not to tell his parents.

In short, on two separate occasions Phillips used force and the threat of force to have sex with a child under 16. Under Florida law, this would fall under sexual battery, which potentially carries a 30-year sentence.

That is why prosecutors “charged [Phillips] with two counts of lewd and lascivious behavior/sexual activity with a child under 16.” Under Florida law:

Lewd and lascivious conduct includes sexual touching between an adult and a minor younger than 16 years old (or an adult soliciting a minor younger than 16 to engage in sexual touching). For defendants 18 and older, penalties include two years and six months (and up to 15 years) in prison. However, the minimum punishment may include probation without jail time if the defendant is convicted of solicitation but no actual sexual contact.

That does not anything like what Phillips did. Even the actual statute does not come close to describing what Phillips did. She raped the boy, but instead of facing the most serious charge, prosecutors charge her with the equivalent of fondling him.

That is an excellent way to thank this boy for having the courage to come forward.

3 thoughts on “Woman not charged with rape after threatening boy with a knife

  1. And, as always, people are disgusted with her…because she looks ugly.
    We all know what’d they say if she looked like a million dollars. The sickos would come out of the woodwork wondering where she was when they were fifteen.

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