No Indictment for woman who raped sleeping man

Last October, a Texas woman broke into the home of a family friend and forcibly performed oral sex on him:

In her fourth arrest this month, Megan Davis Hoelting, 31, was charged with burglary with the intent of sexual offense Tuesday.

Hoelting told police that, in just a nightgown, she snuck into her husband’s friend’s bedroom while he was sleeping Monday night, according to a felony criminal complaint obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Hoelting said she took off her nightgown and, in just underwear, got into the man’s bed. She said she wrapped her legs around the man’s waist and kissed him, according to the complaint.

The man said he woke up to find someone on top of him, “fondling his genitals” and “attempting to perform fellatio upon him,” according to the complaint.

When the man realized it was Hoetling, he told her to leave. She refused and the man called to police to remove her. Hoetling confessed to the crimes. One would think that would be enough to obtain a conviction. However:

A Texas grand jury has declined to indict a woman who was arrested last year for allegedly breaking into the home of a friend of her husband’s and sexually assaulting the man while he slept, court records show.

State prosecutors this month filed a motion to dismiss a felony charge brought last October against Megan Hoelting. The court action was triggered when a Williamson County grand jury “No Billed” the case against the 31-year-old Hoelting.

A “no bill” is a legal term referring to the lack evidence present during a grand jury proceeding. If the grand jury finds there is not sufficient evidence to establish a crime occurred, they cannot issue a “true bill.” This results in a “no bill” decision.

It appears the grand jury ruled in this fashion due to the prosecutors’ motion to dismiss the felony charge. However, that is an odd explanation given that Hoetling confessed to the crime. One would think that her confession would be sufficient evidence. Unless that was ruled inadmissible or there is some other issue that was not released to the public, the grand jury’s decision makes no sense.

Imagine if the roles were reversed. Imagine if a man sneaked into his wife’s friend’s home, stripped down to his underwear, and performed oral sex on her. Imagine if prosecutors decided to dismiss a felony charge against the man. Imagine if the grand jury decided not to indict despite having the man’s confession.

While there have been many improvements in recent years in the handling of female sex offenders, there are still plenty of instances of poor judgment. I dislike terms like “female privilege” and “the pussy pass,” yet I can think of no better words to describe this situation. She confesses, yet still faces no punishment. It appears this woman walked solely because she is a woman.

What makes the situation more baffling is that Hoetling had three prior arrests that month:

She was arrested three other times this month. She was collared for alleged theft Oct. 14, alleged assault Oct. 16 and alleged public intoxication Oct. 21.

In the span of a fortnight this woman was arrested four times. This begs the question: why was Hoetling not in jail?


4 thoughts on “No Indictment for woman who raped sleeping man

  1. ‘Begs the question’ doesn’t mean ‘raises the question.’ It means assuming the conclusion in the premise of an argument. 🙂

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  3. As a man who had been raped by my child care worker (and girlfriend) and first went to the police in 1987, I know all too well. They said “Hey, she was a good looking older woman and only gave you blow jobs so it wasn’t that bad.” I was 11 and she was 21. I only got a conviction against her (Francine Desourmeaux) after over 30 years and someone else coming forward. It led me to a life of confusion and anger. Zero tolerance for woman is great but what about men. I was abused by my ex, with more evidence than you could imagine and the Ottawa Police wouldn’t even take my statement. Here is one example of one of the letters she wrote they have at the Ottawa Police station (she wrote these letters because of the mountain of confidence the police gave her that she would not be arrested) November. 24, 2009, “I Christine ____ have been abusing James for the last 3 days. I am writing this letter because I don’t feel guilty right now or ever. James thinks I’m going to read this later and feel guilty. It’s even his dead brothers birthday and I don’t care. It’s an old excuse, it’s been 12 years. I am not scared of Karma. She signed it twice and my brother killed himself so I was feeling sad that week. Man was she mad. This is one of many letters she wrote like that. She did this because she called the police on me over 50 times from 2006 to 2012, made many, many statements without evidence, had me arrested in 2006 with the charges eventually dropped but they gave her the zero tolerance restraining order. Stabbed me in 2007 with me taking 13 stitches. I never touched her and was hit, forced to have sex and beaten over a 100 times. I am 6’2”, 250lbs 13 years older and she is only a 100lbs. If I did not want to have sex (usually after she would say things like I was responsible for my brother’s suicide) she would freak saying I was with someone else and I knew I had to do what she asked. It would make me sick but I did not like getting stabbed so having to pretend I even liked it was better than bleeding. There is something wrong with the laws and they need to be changed. Woman abuse men more frequently that anyone would imagine. Sexually and physically. If I call a big black man the N word on the street and he punches my teeth in, while I am picking them up people will ask me “What did you learn” but the N word is legal and in the dictionary, legally he can not assault me and I do not know for sure if he is violent or will be violent with me. But a woman who gets abused on a regular basis knows he is violent and will be to her but continues to keep going round after round and we give them zero tolerance protection. Is it the same for a man. No, and is she not somewhat at fault, even a little? Only children are 100% victims, 100% of the time. If we put the billions spent on abused women programs towards teaching little girls at 6 “First time shame on him, second shame on you” and society frowns upon taking abuse, rather than giving sympathy, then the girls would learn at an early age to leave at the first signs. Men would have no one to abuse and women would be at the level of power they deserve. I have witnessed and heard many stories of men being stopped when they were abusing their woman and when the abusers were being hit or getting controlled the women turn on the people trying to hurt their abuser. Ya ya I know, she is in a pattern of abuse but that is because no one instilled the beliefs at 6 to NOT TAKE CRAP FROM ANYONE, ESPECIALLY SOMEONE WHO SAYS THEY LOVE YOU. I eventually left Christine even with the threats of being killed, (she stabbed me because I was ignoring her, she proved she would do it again, easily) killing herself like my brother, getting me arrested or calling the cops and making even more serious accusations than common/physical assault. I had all the same reasons women have and probably even more but I left and should not have taken it for a second. She also used the police to bully and control me but the facts are I stayed. She would say sorry, she loved me, she was abused as a child like me, feed me and a host of other things to make me stay. Again, I stayed. Everyone has free will and the ability to make their own decisions and I hope to see one day the equalization of rights across the table. The restraining order does not allow me to have a job with security clearance and a pardon takes $1000s of dollars to have removed. The parole board told me to get a letter from her and they might consider it. 0 tolerance = 0 rights.

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