First all boys shelter for male sex trafficking victims built in Central Florida

This is great news:

While there are multiple safe homes for women, there are no safe homes available for boys, LoSasso said. More troubling, he estimates 10-15 percent of sex trafficking victims are boys.

Now, the Florida Dream Center is helping organize the first-ever in the country sex trafficking safe house just for boys. Most times, law enforcement have no where to take the male victims they recover, and many male trafficking victims never seek help, LoSasso said.

“Males seem to have, still to this point, a very stigma attached where they don’t even want to tell anybody,” LoSasso said.

It is rare to see services reaching out to male sex trafficking victims, let alone a service dedicated to assisting them. The safe house will start with five beds and expand as they include more safe houses. The Florida Dream Center will provide one-on-one attention to the boys by keeping in “a small, family-like environment to recover and receive counseling.” They will also provide in-house schooling in order to prevent traffickers from searching for the boys at public schools.

I looked into the Florida Dream Center and they are a religious organization. However, it does appear they genuinely want to help people. From what I can tell, they are not forcing the religion on anyone, so I think it is worthwhile to back them. Please support the organization by donating to them. Every little bit helps.

4 thoughts on “First all boys shelter for male sex trafficking victims built in Central Florida

  1. I think it will. This organization appears to assist men and boys in other instances. What concerns me is the chance that they will close if they do not receive enough requests.

  2. To me if someone lies or doesn’t know their profession – it’s a red flag. They are NOT THE FIRST. Two minutes on google – Children of the Night accepts boys, transgenders, and females. That program was the first in the country to accept males and articles like this disrespects their ground breaking work. But these people are “not the first” and it’s “not the first” time I’ve caught something connected to the Dream Center that’s been completely bogus either.

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