Bulletin Board v275

Aaron Hutter avoids jail sentence for having 1,000 child abuse images and videos — HE IS the Southampton pervert who contacted young children through internet chat rooms. But Aaron Hutter was caught in his own trap when he was snared by sex abuse experts using a fake profile. Their investigations uncovered evidence that he had also built up a collection of more than 1,000 indecent images of children as young as five – and some clips involving animals.

A Logan woman said she was not ­diminishing the problem of domestic violence against women, but wanted people to know that men also suffered abuse — HE WAS punched and scratched, screamed at and threatened. His children were also abused, physically and emotionally. Of a night, he would put his children to bed and then push wardrobes against the door to stop anyone getting into the room. The perpetrator was the man’s wife, the children’s mother.

The Man Who Defends Men Accused of Campus Rape — Last December, James Clark* was finishing his first semester as a sophomore at a prestigious New England liberal-arts college when he received an email saying the dean wanted to speak with him. On the phone, the dean informed him that a female classmate had reported Clark for sexual misconduct.

Non-profit supports victims of sex trafficking — The non-profit organization, Restore One, will team up with a best-selling author, an American Idol contestant and a children’s advocate to host its annual Stand for One gala in support of victims of sex trafficking. Restore One is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 by husband and wife, Chris and Anna Smith, a social work alumni of ECU. Their mission is to provide homes for boys, ages 12 to 18-years-old, who have been victims of sex trafficking.

Rape of 2-year-old results in 10 years to life for Jefferson County woman — At just 19 years old, a Jefferson County woman was sentenced to life in prison Thursday for the rape of a 2-year-old child. But even as Abigail Mann admitted her guilt, her attorney explained how she, too, is a victim. Mann was arrested in May when Jefferson County investigators discovered thousands of disturbing text messages. They showed photos of Mann engaged in sex acts with a 2-year-old that she then shared with another individual.

Rikers Island suppressed prisoner sex abuse complaints – advocate — Most reports of sexual abuse at New York City’s Rikers Island prison were never passed on to the police, the city’s public advocate says. The prison reported only two incidents out of the 116 complaints, and none of the 28 accusations of rape.

Teacher accused of sex with schoolboy found guilty — A teacher has been found guilty of sexually abusing a schoolboy, after conducting a secret relationship with him for years. The woman, whose name remains suppressed, was found guilty of seven charges in the High Court in Wellington on Friday. They included sexual violation relating to a night of motel room sex with the boy when he was 12. The abuse stretched over more than three years from 2011, when the boy was 10.

Twisted pair get jailed over child sex abuse involving little boy and mummy fantasies — A disgraced Police Community Support Officer who encouraged a woman he met online to send her pictures of a child being sexually abused has been jailed. Twisted Kieron Pritchard, 41, met Joanne Heathcote, 47, on dating site Match.com at the end of 2013. A court heard the shamed officer – who fantasised about being a little boy – would call Heathcote “mummy” and asked her to call him her “little boy”.

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