An Interview with Erin Pizzey

Sargon of Akkad interviewed Erin Pizzey. The conversation goes on for about a hour and a half. They cover a number of topics, but the primary focus is Pizzey’s time creating the first domestic violence shelter.

I think people might find Pizzey’s experiences surprising because what she describes is the same as the current situation. It took little time for feminists to hijack her efforts and turn it into a political tool. Pizzey’s concern lies with preventing all familial violence. It also took little time for them to turn to harassment and threats. She experienced the all too familiar phone calls to various organizations warning them about her. She had death threats. She dealt with opposition mobs. She had her name and comments expunged from various public forums.

All of this sounds like it happened yesterday. As much as I would agree that no one should paint all feminists as bad actors, people also should not lose sight of the history of the movement and the harassment and violence many feminists engaged in.

The interview is worth a listen:


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