Bulletin Board v276

Child sex abuse: Therapy seen as key to prevent re-offending — One of those is the Building Better Lives (BBL) sex offender programme delivered in Arbour Hill prison by a team of psychologists. It has three components: exploring, practising, and maintaining better lives. The Exploring Better Lives (EBL) programme is carried out over two months, after which the six-month Practicing Better Lives (PBL) programme is taken. The final four-month Maintaining Better Lives (MBL) programme is taken a minimum of one year after completion of the PBL.

Domestic Violence: Speak Out for Male Victims — Domestic violence is prevalent in the United States. Cases are on the news and in courthouses across the nation every day. What is not often talked about is domestic violence toward men and it is time for them to speak out. Any man–straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc.–should be allowed the same resources and protection as women. According to a survey done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2012, one in four males have reported being victims of domestic violence.

Dublin Scout leader jailed for abuse of boys on camping trips — David O’Brien (63) would unzip the boys’ sleeping bags during the night, reach under their pyjamas and fondle their private parts. He forced one boy to masturbate him in secluded areas on different trips and inserted two fingers in and out of the child’s anus during another assault, according to Garda Sheila White. Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard that he also clasped his hand around another boy’s mouth as he fondled him on a separate trip. O’Brien, of Benburb Street, pleaded guilty to ten counts of indecently assaulting six males in Dublin, Kilkenny and Cork between 1975 and 1980. He has no previous convictions.

‘Healer’ held for raping boys — A traditional healer in KwaZulu-Natal has been arrested for allegedly raping teenage boys. Sibusiso Ndawonde apparently told several families that the male members of the family are sick and he could cure them. “Ndawonde informed the elders of each family that he had a ‘prophecy’ that these families had problems and he had the solution to the problem. He then convinced the family of each of the victims that he had to take the victims with him to his house at Msinga where he would be able to use traditional medicine to heal and cure the victim,” KZN police said in a statement.

Male Rape: ‘If we don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist’ — One in three women in Utah is a victim of sexual abuse, according to the Salt Lake City Office of Diversity and Human Rights. Statistics on the sexual assault and rape of women are available all over the Internet on state or national government websites, help forums and community awareness pages. Yet male survivors of sexual abuse are not a common topic in the media — even though one in seven men will experience domestic violence in their lifetime and about one-third of sexual assault and rape survivors are men — according to Utah State University’s Sexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information department, or SAAVI.

Minnesota boy sought refuge in church, was sexually abused instead — John Doe 30 grew up in rural Minnesota the youngest of seven. He loved animals. He loved the Catholic Church. But he didn’t fit in, his attorney Jeff Anderson said Wednesday, and he paid the price. His brothers and classmates called him derogatory names because they thought he was effeminate. The boy sought refuge at St. Thomas More parish in Lake Lillian, Minn. There, he met the Rev. James Vincent Fitzgerald, who took the boy, then 15, on a trip across the state in 1978 and sexually assaulted him while working for the Diocese of Duluth, Anderson told jurors.

Paedophile Robert Munt jailed for 10 years for raping boy nearly 40 years ago and fleeing to Sweden — A paedophile who raped a teenaged army cadet in Gloucestershire almost four decades ago has finally been brought to justice after being extradited from Sweden. After raping the teenaged boy in Churchdown, in the late 1970s, ex-soldier Robert Munt fled to Stockholm – where he continued to prey on young boys and served three jail terms for sexual assault and rape in the 1980s. Yesterday at Gloucester Crown Court Munt, 67, was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being convicted by a jury of an offence of male rape of the boy he had met on a bus 38 years ago.

Richmond ex-teacher in court on 87 counts of abuse against 20 minors — The 12-year-old boy in the video fidgeted in his chair as a forensic interviewer asked if he was aware that a teacher from his middle school was suspected of sexually abusing minors. The boy said he was aware. “What do you think about that?” the interviewer asked. “Horrible,” the boy said. “I know a lot. I was one of the kids.”

Teacher’s teen sex victim trying to forget abuse — A 13-year-old boy who was inappropriately touched by his former Pacoima elementary school teacher testified Wednesday that he tries not to think about the abuses and now sometimes finds it hard to tell between good and bad instructors. The boy is one of two plaintiffs in a lawsuit brought on their behalf against Los Angeles Unified, which has admitted liability for the conduct of Paul Chapel III, a former third-grade teacher at Telfair Elementary School.

Teen claims he suffered sexual abuse from age eight at trial of Essex bellringer Liam Cann — A BOY submitted to sexual abuse from the age of eight because of threats made to his younger brother, the jury at the trial of Liam Cann heard last Thursday. Cann, aged 22 from Goldhanger, denies 24 counts relating to the sexual abuse of underage boys over a period of eight years from 2006 to 2014. In a series of police interviews shown to the court, the boy, now 16, claimed that he had given in to Cann’s demands for naked photographs and the performance of sexual acts because of threats made against his friends and family.

Trial Begins For Former School Principal Facing Child Sex Abuse Charges — Jury selection began on Tuesday in the trial of a former Denver Public Schools principal and former New Mexico school administrator who has been charged with child sexual abuse and assault cases in Colorado. Timothy Jason Martinez was arrested on the charges in 2013. Neither victim has any connection to his employment with DPS.

Wife of molester sentenced in abuse case — The wife of the serial child molester serving the longest prison term in Chester County history has been sentenced to state prison for her role in aiding, and participating in, his crimes against two young women. Judge William P. Mahon on Thursday sentenced 36-year-old Leslie Yerger to seven to 16 years behind bars after she apologized for the pain she had caused the two victims, but contended she suffered as well at the hands of her husband, Warren Yerger, who abused her as well.


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