Naperville Cops Let Woman Sexually Abuse Boy in Back of Squad Car

According to a lawsuit filed in Will County, two Naperville police officers allowed Desiree Farr to molest a child in the back of their squad car:

On Halloween 2014, the boy, who was in foster care, and an unspecified number of his friends went to the Westbrook Circle home of his birth mother, Dore said. The mother was in the process of moving out and the home was vacant, he said.

Someone called the police and Dore’s client, identified only as “John Doe” in the lawsuit, was allegedly detained as he was leaving the home. His friends were allowed to leave, the suit said, but Doe was placed in the back of a squad car while police waited for his foster mother to arrive.

For reasons neither the lawsuit nor Dore can explain, the officers then allegedly allowed Farr, who lives on Westbrook Circle, according to a subpoena, to get into the squad car with the child.

Farr “did then and there begin to interact with the minor plaintiff in a manner which was inappropriate and sexual in nature in that she did begin kissing (him) upon and about his face and neck; hugging him inappropriately; and touching and rubbing him upon his inner thigh and crotch area in his genital region above his clothing; and taking ‘selfie’ photographs of herself and the minor plaintiff with her cell phone device,” the suit said.

The lawsuit states that the boys did not consent to any of the contact. More worrisome, however, is that the two officers were in the squad car as this happened and apparently did nothing to stop it. Dore stated in the article that the police department refused to hand over the video and police records of the incident. A Will County assistant state’s attorney also told the victim’s mother that the police investigation is closed and no one will be charged.

It is astounding that the police department would not hand over the reports and video to the boy’s attorney. It makes little sense for them to refuse to turn the evidence over if there is nothing there. It makes even less sense if the evidence shows that the boy did consent.

What remains inexplicable, however, is why any police officer would allow this to happen. Whatever the reason they detained the boy, they should not have allowed the sexual encounter, be it molestation or consensual sex play, to occur in their squad car. One would think they would have more sense than that. One would also think that they would be punished for allowing it to happen. Yet apparently nothing has been done to the police, to Farr, or to address any of the boy’s complaints.


3 thoughts on “Naperville Cops Let Woman Sexually Abuse Boy in Back of Squad Car

  1. I’m going to take a wild guess…the boneheads responsible thought they were doing the kid a “favour” Or they thought it would be funny.

    Either way, it’s disgusting.

  2. This kind of thing doesn’t even surprise me anymore. It’s not question that society doesn’t take women’s sexual abuse of boys seriously, nor the psychological harm or discomfort the boys may experience. Why would these officer’s stop it, when they’re likely the same morons who would post all those “Lucky kid!” “where were these women when I was his age?” comments when cases like these come out?

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