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Alabama man gets same 119-year sentence as wife for child sex abuse conviction — A registered sex offender from Chilton County last week got the same prison sentence his wife had gotten weeks earlier for the same crime – 119 years in prison for sodomy and sexual abuse of a 9-year-old boy. Lyndon Minot, 56, was sentenced on Oct. 26 by Jefferson County Bessemer Cutoff Circuit Judge David Hobdy to the maximum allowed – 99 years for sodomy and 20 years for sexual abuse, according to court records.

BBC3’s anti-male coverage shows that men’s issues are still not taken seriously — On Monday, BBC3, the corporation’s channel dedicated to teenagers and young adults, aired the latest documentary in its gender season, The Rise of Female Violence, in which presenter Alys Harte explored everything from alcohol-fuelled female street violence to knife attacks by girl gangs and female-perpetrated domestic abuse. At the heart of the show were two questions: ‘Does society treat female-on-male violence less seriously than when the genders are reversed?

Coach ‘groomed’ and sexually assaulted 14-year-old boy — Over three years, a freelance badminton coach groomed a young student and pressured the then-14-year-old to take part in sexual activities with him. The coach, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his victim, is facing 23 charges: 7 counts under the Children and Young Persons Act for committing an indecent act with a child, 15 counts under the Penal Code for sexual assault of a minor and one count for the possession of obscene films.

College women rape college men but few men tell — College women rape college men far less often than they are victims, but it does happen, experts say. Female-on-male rape survivors are a hidden, understudied minority. Less often than female rape survivors, the men tell college authorities or police about their experiences. Most research excludes or minimizes the male victims, a fact noted by a scholar who studies college student sexual cultures.

Devastating sexual abuse of deaf children at special school exposed — DEAF children who suffered sexual abuse at a school in Woodford have spoken out about their ordeal at the hands of a man who targeted vulnerable pupils for decades. Not knowing how to sign, and being unable to speak, the children who attended the Woodford School in Snakes Lane were easy targets. Until recently, most special education took place at residential schools, where deaf children would board in on-site rooms.

Domestic abuse up in past year with female on male abuse forming 18 per cent of all incidents — Scotland’s chief statistician has released data on domestic abuse recorded byPolice Scotland in 2013-14 and 2014-15 which show, among other things, that female on male abuse now forms 18 per cent of all incidents. The main findings include: in 2013-14 there were 58,439 incidents of domestic abuse recorded by the police in Scotland. In 2014-15 there were 59,882 incidents of domestic abuse recorded by the police in Scotland, an increase of 2.5 per cent from 2013-14.

First shelter for male victims of domestic abuse in Carrick — Carrickfergus could be the first town in Northern Ireland to have a facility catering for male victims of domestic violence. Councillor Jim Brown revealed the aim at the October meeting of Mid and East Antrim Council’s Policy and Resources committee. During the session, it also emerged MEA is seeking to become the first local government area in the province to achieve ‘Safe Borough’ status on domestic violence.

LAUSD should pay more than $5 million each to sexually abused boys, attorneys argue — The Los Angeles Unified School District should pay two boys sexually abused by their elementary school teacher more than $5 million each, their attorneys told jurors Wednesday. But the district countered with an offer of $490,000 for one boy and slightly less for the other, arguing that the amount would pay for any further medical treatments needed and help achieve their dreams of a four-year college education.

Male Sexual Abuse: If It’s Still a Taboo Let’s Do Something About It — Over the past few weeks, I’ve been invited to speak at a number of conferences and events across the UK on the subject of male sexual violation. Talking about the sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation of boys and men is an everyday occurrence for me (including my own survivorship), but standing in front of these audiences reminded me how difficult this subject is for much of society to hear and still very much a taboo to talk about.

Peru court sentences Catholic priest to 35 years for raping boy — A Peruvian court sentenced a Catholic priest to 35 years in prison on Tuesday for repeatedly raping a boy in the school where he was chaplain – one of the few times Peru has jailed clergy accused of sex abuse. The court found that Waldir Perez used his position as priest and chaplain at a private school in a poor district to abuse the boy between July 2010 and April 2012. The boy was 10 years old when Perez first sexually assaulted him, the criminal chamber of Peru’s Supreme Court said in a statement.

Trio of female rapists stalk the streets — Mystery continues to shroud a trio of women who may be behind the serial rape of men across the country. Preying upon men hitchhiking, the women lure their unsuspecting victims into a car before they are raped and robbed at gunpoint. Five cases, spread across policing precincts around the country, bare striking similarities in modus operandi. The incidents have also put the concept of male rape in the spotlight.

Woman Rapes 14yr Old Boy — A 28-year-old woman has appeared in court for allegedly having sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old boy claiming they are a couple. Precious Sibanda appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Hosea Mujaya charged with two counts of aggravated indecent assault. Mr Mujaya remanded her to today for trial continuation. In her defence, Sibanda told the court that the boy made romantic advances to her by passing flirtatious comments about her.

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