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17 Former Connecticut Boy Scouts Allege Sexual Abuse — Seventeen former Boy Scouts have filed a lawsuit charging that their scoutmaster in Ridgefield sexually abused them from 1963 to 1975. The plaintiffs’ lawyer said that it was the largest single lawsuit filed against the Boy Scouts of America and that one child was molested more than 1,000 times. In addition to listing the 17 former Scouts, the lawsuit lists two girls allegedly sexually assaulted by the scoutmaster, Donald Dennis, who died two years ago.

Are we purposely ignoring child sexual abuse in Pakistan (and our homes)? — How many of you had the slightest idea that your helpless seven-year-old son, who wholeheartedly recited the Holy Quran alongside his so-called honest and unadulterated qaari sahib, was being sexually abused continuously in a barricaded room? We enjoy labelling ourselves as humble and modest beings when in truth we are the ones perpetuating brutality to its core.

Boy Tells Court How He Was Sexually Assaulted — A BOY who testified in court yesterday of his alleged sexual assault by a man he knew said he didn’t know if what was happening to him at the time was “right or wrong”. The child, who refused to face anyone other than Senior Justice Stephen Isaacs during his testimony, said he now knows that the alleged abuse was “wrong”. Stephen Serrette, who is accused of committing the abuse, sat in the prisoner’s dock as the child gave testimony.

Child sex abuse is top offense in military prisons — More inmates are in U.S. military prisons for sex crimes against children than for any other offense, an Associated Press investigation has found, but an opaque justice system prevents the public from knowing the full scope of the crimes or how much time the prisoners spend behind bars. Of the 1,233 inmates confined in the military’s prison network, 61 percent were convicted of sex crimes, according to the latest available data, obtained through the federal open-records law. Children were the victims in more than half of those cases.

Demand for Amen support to male domestic abuse victims up — Demand for the services of the main support organisation for male victims of domestic violence increased by over a third last year. The 2014 annual report from Amen, published yesterday, reports increased demand for counselling, its helpline, court accompaniment service and one-to-one support sessions last year. “In 2014 slightly over six and a half thousand (6,660) contacts were received by Amen…These contacts represent a 36.8 per cent increase in overall activity within the service from the previous year,” says the report.

Doncaster hosts male domestic violence conference — One in five domestic violence victims in Yorkshire are men, according to a charity holding a conference in Doncaster. The conference, organised by Mankind Initiative and held at the Keepmoat Stadium, was chaired by former abuse victim Ian McNicholl. His ex-girlfriend is serving a seven year prison sentence for GBH and assault. Mankind Initiative said men too often are “too ashamed” to report abuse.

Feminism to be dropped from A-level politics syllabus under Department for Education plans — Feminism is to be dropped from the A-level politics syllabus under Department for Education plans, angering sexual equality campaigners. A dedicated section on the movement – which includes the study of issues around sex and gender – would be dropped. Some topics, such as suffragettes, would remain but distributed across the course, including in a wide-ranging section called “pressure groups”.

Man in prison for 16 years in ‘teardrop rapist’ case has conviction tossed — Moments before he was sentenced to life in prison for three sexual assaults, Luis Lorenzo Vargas proclaimed his innocence. “You can sentence me to all the years you want,” he warned a judge in 1999, “but as far as I’m concerned … that individual that really did these crimes might really be raping someone out there.” Sixteen years later, his words now haunt L.A.’s criminal justice system.

Richmond: Five alleged molestation victims sue teacher, charter school — Five alleged molestation victims of former Richmond charter schoolteacher Ron Guinto have sued their former instructor and Making Waves Academy-affiliated businesses, claiming school leaders did not properly report allegations of abuse and hired the math and science teacher despite warning signs of inappropriate behavior.

Sex abuse victims struggle for justice in Brisbane’s web of powerful interests — It may be stained by the legacy of perhaps the most prolific child sex offender in the history of Queensland schools, but the state’s most prestigious old school tie still commands a hefty price. A year at Brisbane Grammar costs about $25,000, 30% of the average full-time worker’s pre-tax salary. A few thousand dollars less buys a year at St Paul’s, the other elite Brisbane private school to come under the microscope in hearings this month by the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse.

Why will no one fund male domestic abuse charities? — Yesterday marked White Ribbon Day, an annual male-led event that aims to end violence against women. As the White Ribbon Campaign point out on their website, men are by far the biggest offenders when it comes to domestic violence, with 55,000 convicted of the crime in 2010. However, in that same year, 4,000 women were also convicted – a 169pc increase from 2005 over the duration of five years.

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