Two interviews with Christiana Hoff Sommers

I recently watched two interviews of Christiana Hoff Sommers. The first was on The Joe Rogan Experience. The second was on The Rubin Report. Apparently Sommers gave the interviews a short time apart. That is impressive because the Rogan interview is almost three hours long.

Both interviews cover much of the same topics — feminism, progressive tactics, the pushing of feminist narratives, misandry, etc. The Rubin Report is more focused while the The Rogan Experience is a casual conversation. Both are worth watching.

2 thoughts on “Two interviews with Christiana Hoff Sommers

  1. In the end, what I find interesting is how our “social science” isn’t able to form scientific truth about humans but is creating falsehoods. That’s quite different than physical sciences where… it worked. Here, it doesn’t work. Why is that? What’s wrong with the scientific method for these questions?

    Perhaps it’s the reflexive nature of humans understanding humans.

    An interesting talk at on antonymous cars, drones, airline autopilots. An interesting point was autonomy always has a human controlled boundary and engineers need to simultaneously study engineering and social science to understand the social, political and economic boundaries to say, design systems for drive less trucking or drones for package delivery.

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